Star 3 Hole Resonator by EMF Blues

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NHT Retail: $12.95
Star Three Hole Resonator for Electronic EMF Protection by EMF Blues

The 3-Hole Resonator is a Ceramic Tab about the size of a quarter. It clears wired frequencies so is perfect for clearing all gadgets that plug into a wall or use a battery. Place on TVs, electric alarm clocks, refrigerators, air conditioners, corded phones, outlets, stereo units and speakers, as well as desktop computers and laptops that don’t use wifi.
  • This diode is designed to attach to electronic devices. 
  • Blocks EMF waves. 
  • Harmonizes EMF frequencies. 
  • No batteries required. 
  • Will not wear out. 
  • Ceramic. 
  • Handmade in the USA.
The Star 3 Hole Resonator is handmade.

What can I clear with the Star 3-Hole?

The Star 3-Hole is designed to clear wireless frequencies.  Use it to clear wireless routers, iPads, cordless phones, microwave ovens, baby intercoms, home security systems and all bluetooth technologies.

How does it work?

The Star 3-Hole is made of a new Advanced Ceramic Material called Crystal Catalyst Technology. This Technology is composed of silicon, clays and various rare earths fired together in such a way as to create a brand new material whose unique composition enables it to alter energies in new ways. The blue color of the Star 3-Hole is not due to a glaze, but is the actual color of the ceramic.

How do I use it?

It’s easy to use! It comes with self adhesive on the back so you just peel and stick it on whatever you wish to clear.

The Star 3-Hole is re-usable. Replacing your cordless phone? No need to replace the Star 3-Hole on it. Simply peel the Star 3-Hole off the old phone and get some double-sided tape to re-stick it on the new phone!

Does it need recharging?

The Star 3-Hole does not need recharging and will not wear out over time.

The Star 3-Hole is eligible for Free Shipping. 

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