Calcium is one of the most important minerals needed by the body. It is an essential component of our bones, musculoskeletal structure and has a vital role in many metabolic functions. Mild to moderate deficiency of calcium can affect blood pressure regulation, electrolyte balance, and muscle contraction. What’s more, this may affect the capacity of the biological system to carry electrical impulses around the body,regulate the release of hormone and maintain the health of oral cavity.Healthcare providers recommend daily dietary allowance as a reference to ensure optimal intake in order to minimize the risk of calcium deficiency.
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Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency

Dietary Calcium Deficiency



  • Bone pain
  • Possibilities of spinal cord      fractures
  • Neck pain
  • Bone softening
  • Drooping posture
  • Decreased or stunted height
  • Bones fractured easily
    • Loss of appetite
    • Muscle numbness
    • Internal bleeding, leaving small red spots
    • Muscle cramping
    • Skin bruising
    • Bone deformity
    • Burning sensation

      The above chart shows just some of many symptoms experienced by the person suffering from calcium deficiency; further complication can result in permanent bone damage, cardiac arrhythmias, altered mental state and hypertension. If you notice someone around you with a high pulse rate, pain in bone or chest and loss of consciousness, call your local hospital services immediately.

      If you are already diagnosed with calcium deficiency, it is utmost necessary to follow the instructions and dose regimen suggested by you pharmacist or physician. Ensure regular checkups and maintain a log of any symptoms you feel even after taking the medicines and discuss them with your doctor.

      Treatment of Calcium Deficiency

      1.   Increase Intake of Calcium-rich Food

      The primary and the most obvious treatment is to increase your dietary calcium intakes. Natural sources are the best ways to ensure healthy sources of calcium.These include vegetables, dairy products, etc. Here is a list of top natural food in the amount of calcium.


      Calcium in 100g


      120 mg

      Mozzarella (non-fat)

      961 mg

      Low-fat yogurt

      125 mg

      Chinese cabbage

      105 mg


      350 mg


      77 mg

      Green snap beans

      37 mg


      47 mg


      383 mg


      264 mg

      2.   Exercise Regularly

      Regular exercising is helpful in increasing bone strength and muscle mass,which will increases the level of calcium absorption.Maintaining regular calcium level is very important to keep up the metabolism of the body for everyday processes and to avoid diseases from occurring.

      3.   Consider Calcium Supplements

      Using calcium supplements is an easy and convenient option for many individuals who are allergic to certain kinds of products or do not love certain kinds of food. Follow manufacturer recommendations or check with your personal physician for recommendations.

      4.   Avoid Medications That May Cause Calcium Deficiency

      Sometimes, medications many cause calcium deficiency, but in some cases these drugs cannot be avoided, especially during cancer treatment and some diseases that need diuretics. In such case, ask your doctor to adjust the drugs or offer alternatives wherever possible.

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