Food Vitality

What is Food Vitality?

Finding good quality food is becoming more and more difficult to find. "Natural" and "organic" labeling have little meaning and are over used terms. Non GMO quality food is generally tested for GMO. But Non GMO can be impossible to find in some types of food.

Storing food for long lasting freshness is increasingly important. Keeping food fresher, longer is key. 

There are different technologies in food storage. Natural Healing Tools carries various, unique solutions and food energizing solutions. 
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Natural Violet Storage Bottles for liquids. Protects from UV rays for naturally protected water, juice and other liquids. Miron Glass
NHT Violet Glass Water Bottle
NHT Retail: Starting at $19.95
NHT Violet Glass Water Bottle
NHT Water Bottles come in 500 ml and 1000 ml sizes. Store water, wine, olive oil, and juice for long lasting, fresh storage.
NHT Violet Glass Bowl for storage, kitchen pinch bowl, seeds, herbs, essential oil storage. By Miron Violett Glas
NHT Violet Glass Bowl
NHT Retail: $45.00
NHT Violet Glass Bowl
NHT Violet Glass Specialty Bowl. Use as a kitchen pinch bowl, to mix herbs or for cosmetics. For the gourmet cook that likes to keep natural sea salt or herbs next to the stove.
NHT Apothecary Jar
NHT Apothecary Bottle
NHT Retail: Starting at $39.95
NHT Apothecary Bottle
NHT Apothecary Jars extend the life light-sensitive foods, oils, waters, herbs, and spices by deflecting harmful visible light.
Food/Liquid Energizer
NHT Retail: Starting at $49.95
Food/Liquid Energizer
Neutralizes the energy imbalances from toxic residues in foods & liquids. Raises the positive energy, vitality & nutritional value of these substances. Radiates a 6 foot field that clears energy imbalances.
NHT Miracle Cloth
NHT Retail: $79.95
NHT Miracle Cloth
Natural Healing Tools Miracle Cloth is a food and liquid vitality cloth.

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