How Do Pulled Hamstrings Occur?

Hamstring injuries happen when the muscles are stretched too far causing tearing of the muscle fibers. Sudden sprints or other fast or twisting motions with your legs are the major causes of hamstring injuries.

The primary risk factors for hamstring injury include:
  • Flexibility
  • Imbalances
  • Improper Warm Up
  • Age

Preventing Hamstring Pain Before It Begins
If you've ever pulled your hamstrings, prevention will clearly be your goal, repeating that injury not only interferes with our everyday activities but puts you at risk for a repeat injury. To prevent future pulls be sure to:

1) Focus On Flexibility And Strength. The stretching and strengthening programs that help rehab the injury are the same ones that will help to prevent it.
2) Warm Up And Cool Down. Going in cold is uncomfortable under any circumstances, but starting an athletic activity without stretching your hamstrings is a risk for injury you just don't have to take. Be sure to warm up properly before and stretch afterwards.
3) Enlist Support. Your feet are designed to protect you against the shock your body feels when you take a step. Every time the heel of your foot hits the ground, a shock wave travels up through your body, all the way to your head. A healthy body will absorb this shock. But if your feet are not in their correct functioning position, more of this shock is allowed to move through the body to weaken other joints including the hips and spine. Be sure that your feet are healthy, that your arches are properly supported and your shoes are providing maximum shock absorption.

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