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HGH Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone at Natural Healing Tools
HGH Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone at Natural Healing Tools
NHT Retail: $55.95
HGH Human Growth Hormone for Anti-Aging and Superior Performances Gentle, Homeopathic oral spray gets real results!
Our Original Formula homeopathic oral spray containing REAL Human Growth Hormone works great for all ages. 
Many Hollywood performers take advantage of youth restoring human growth hormone therapy as do athletes, musicians, and artists for its performance enhancing abilities. They can afford the doctor's care, the prescriptions, and have a greater motivation to suffer through injections. But homeopathic HGH oral sprays are approved by the FDA for over the counter sales, are much less expensive than injections, and achieve 60%-80% of the same results of the expensive therapies. If the everyday person is looking for an invigoration product, this is it!
Human Growth Hormone is the main hormone trigger of your entire body, telling your body to replace cells that die on a daily basis. As you go through life, your body circulates less and less growth hormone, replacing fewer cells, and so our body "ages." Young people, with great amounts of growth hormone circulating in their system, have the capacity to replace these lost cells easily.
Athletes and performers of all kinds like musicians and actors take HGH because it gives them that extra edge. It's a great tonic that makes everything 10%-20% better. They also use it to aid in the recuperation from injuries. You know how quickly young people heal!
Aging men use it to increase their libido. Husbands, don't take it without also giving it to your wives. Otherwise they may not share your same level of interest!
Menopausal women are discovering that the spray eases their symptoms. This spray affects the main hormone of the body which controls all the other hormones. Normalize the main line and everything else falls into place.
Using our homeopathic spray puts human growth hormone back into your system, triggering the liver to produce IGF-1, the substance that provides the invigoration properties. You can explore more about HGH by clicking on the links below and we hope you find our delivery straight forward and simple to understand.
You'll notice we make no outrageous claims about the benefits of increasing the amount of this primary hormone into your system. We know the reality is that everyone reacts to the product in different ways depending on age, size, and activity level. So we can't know exactly how it will help you. But we can tell you this: most people who buy our product for one or two specific reasons soon discover that it helps them in many other, unanticipated ways.
The downside of purchasing human growth hormone in the USA is that there are over 300 companies selling "HGH" (notice the quotes!) all claiming to be "the best." However, there are only about 30 selling sprays that actually contain real human growth hormone. So the consumer has a 90% chance of buying a product that contains none (see a list of just a few of the 270 vendors on the right). You can't put HGH into a pill. So any company selling pills is selling just pills, not real growth hormone. Make sure to read the ingredients. Any variation such as "HGHr," "HGH components," etc., is not the real thing. Be smart.
Our product is the best HGH and is easy to use. Just two sprays under the tongue three times per day will do it. The two most important times are right before you go to sleep and right when you wake up so most people keep the bottle on their nightstand. Then just spray once more any time of day. It's the "extra" dose so if you miss it its no big deal. One bottle is a one month's supply. After about 3 months you can drop the third dose because you are fully saturated. This will enable each bottle to last 50% longer. Don't use greater doses. It won't hurt you but you'll just be wasting it. 

Each bottle lasts one month. You might begin to feel results within a week but it takes 2-4 weeks for it to fully saturate your system. 

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