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Episilk Moisture Mask
Retail: $29.95
NHT Retail: $28.98
Episilk Moisture Mask
A reviving, relaxing full facial product which literally drenches your skin and gives you an immediate youthful glow.
EpiSilk Instant Face Lift Serum
NHT Retail: $39.95
EpiSilk Instant Face Lift Serum
Episilk™ IFL (Instant Facelift Serum) serum is a unique, natural serum which contains a combination of Hyaluronic Acid for moisturizing and Pepha®-Tight for tightening and smoothing fine wrinkles.
StarLite LM
Retail: $299.00
NHT Retail: $249.00
StarLite LM
FDA 510(k) cleared over-the-counter SuperLuminous LED SkinCare Device for improving fine line facial wrinkles.

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