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The Resonator Patch has been discontinued. Natural Healing Tools has limited stock available and our shopping cart will only accept orders for existing inventory. Please consider the whole house plug in or the radiant room as current options. 

A simple, affordable way to go a step beyond EMF clearance and balance and enhance your environment on a higher level. The Resonator Patches are designed to treat and transform the materials that make up the structures you live in and around; they neutralize toxic patterns, create balance, and raise the vibration—literally raise the life energy—of materials of all kinds, so you experience a more calming, peaceful environment.
Patches effectively neutralize the negative effects of chaotic energy fields, clear toxins, and imprint the area with life enhancing color qualities. Materials in your environment are transformed within minutes.

Range: harmonizes a 9 foot radius in all directions, each patch
Each Patch Size: 2" x 2"
Patches Per Package: 3 Pack

The Resonator patch quickly and effectively turns toxic energies into beneficial energies.

  • Clearing: Neutralizes toxins embedded in materials
  • Balancing: Establishes energetic balance and harmony in areas
  • Imprinting: Energetically transforms by imprinting life–enhancing color qualities

USE: a Resonator on a tiny section of any material, and the corrective energy process immediately transfers to all of that material. The secret lies in the principle of Resonance; all materials that are in perfect resonance (same exact qualities, e.g. shape, color, material) are converted in the process. Ideal for use on the core materials in any space (tile, carpet, floor, wall, beams, etc.)

Affix a single Resonator patch to:

Tile or wood floor – Single tile or sample of the wood radiates pattern through all like tile or wood
Refrigerator interior – clearing and balancing the refrigerator helps raise the life energy of your food
Windows –Single pane of glass – resonates to similar shapes and material
Mirrors – Place on the back of a mirror
Rugs and carpets – back or front of wall to wall – raditates to all carpet – very calming!
Painted walls or wallpaper – each color or pattern 
Drapes – made with the same fabric
Cupboards – for similar shelves 

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