Photon Protection Band

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The Photon Band is designed for those wishing the most powerful personal EMF protection available. Adding it to other EarthCalm products, it further amplifies your resonance to the earth’s electromagnetic field. Wearing the Photon Band is especially important when away from home in office buildings that are heavily exposed to EMFs from multiple sources, or other places with WiFi.

It’s also helpful when driving on freeways past cell towers, high tension lines or power plants. And, if you exercise or hike, it will help give you more energy, strength and endurance.

The Photon Band is essential for those with Electromagnetic Sensitivity or those with a compromised immune system due to illness or injury.

 Photon Band

Designed to be worn along with the Nova Resonator.

It is best worn above your ankle over a sock. It can also be worn around your wrist or upper arm. Made of nylon, water-resistant.

Wear the Nova Sports Band while you engage in sports, hiking or any other physical activity---and you'll find you have extra stamina, endurance and energy, as well as EMF protection. The Band is optimally worn above the ankle, just above the Achilles tendon, preferably over a sock.It can also be worn on the wrist or upper arm. The Nova Sports Band is water proof. It can be washed by hand and then allowed to dry. Do not wash or dry it in a machine. It is especially important that you wear your Nova Sports Band at night while sleeping, which is when your body heals and regenerates. If you prefer not to wear it at night you may substitute the EarthCalm LunarShield, which wraps around your bed. You may experience deeper healing while using the Nova Sports Band. Since it further reduces the EMF load on the body, you may find that symptoms clear up. However, if you are in any way uncomfortable at first, you may be detoxing. If so, you might try using it for shorter periods of time at first, until you are comfortable with it on all the time.

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