MacaForce Vanilla Spice Maca Powder

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Product: : MFVS350
MacaForce Vanilla Spice Superfood
MacaForce Vanilla Spice Superfood
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MacaForce™ Vanilla Spice takes maca root (Lepidium meyenii) the ancient healing food to its full potential. Maca is an adaptogenic root famous for longevity, endurance and fertility.
MacaForce™ Raw Organic Maca Root PowderOur maca powder is the whole root with all of the nutrients mother nature intended! We carefully combine our maca with selected Enzymes, Probiotics, Herbs, & Energetics to provide unprecedented full-spectrum bio-availability and therapeutic value never before possible, until now, making our maca contain the potency of an extract.
MacaForce™ - Experience the highest evolution of this ancient Peruvian SuperFood from the gods: Energy - Strength - Healing - Endurance - Hormones - Fertility

Ingredients: (100% TruGanic™)*

Ancient Superfood Sustenance:

• Maca Root
Prebiotic Digestive Synergists:
• Vanilla
• Agave Inulin
• Lacuma Fruit
• Yacon Root

Herbal Synergists:
• Ginger
Enzyme Synergists:
• Protease
• Amylase
• Lipase
• Cellulase
• Bromelain
• Papain
• Alpha-Galactosidase

Probiotic Synergists:

• Massive array of Implantable species and Natural Soil Organisms (N.S.O.’s), all laboratory grown.
• Shilajit +
• Magnetic
• Homeopathic
• Energetic & vibrational enhancements
Magnetically Sanitized & Purified
Carefully Dried to preserve enzymes, life force, & other heat sensitive elements
MacaForce™ is a super food, NOT a supplement. Take in any quantity desired!
Suggested Usage: 100% Food. Add any quantity to water, smoothies, Etc.

Suggested Adjuncts:
A whole Super Food, organic, Vegan diet with emphasis on fresh, high water content, live/raw foods and juices (See the book- “Uncooking with Jameth & Kim”); other nutritional support products such as Vitamineral™ Green and Earth™, Spirulina Manna™, exercise, fresh air, and anything healthful and sacred to you.

MacaForce FAQ.

* 100% TruGanic™: TruGanic™ is a purist, hard-core quality standard significantly beyond organic. In addition to no pesticides being used anywhere in the growing process, TruGanic™ includes authentic standards for production, nontoxic cleaning agents and pest control, electromagnetic radiation, processing agents, additives, air quality, and actual verification of purity.**

** These statements have not been evaluated by the F.D.A. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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