Aromatherapy Misters

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Use these wonderful Vyktoria Aromatherapy Misters to refresh your energy! Mist yourself, home, office, car, yoga mat, meditation area, pillow, etc. Brings intention to every area of your world! 
Meditation in Sedona

Contain essential oils & distilled water only. 4 oz

Shake well and mist. Mist yourself to refresh your energy. Safe on skin.  Or use as an air freshener/aromatherapy. 


CLEAR MIND: lift brain fog with basil, lemon, clary sage & rosemary
GOOD MOOD: balancing w/ lavender, geranium, clary sage
SEDONA SONG: pine, juniper, lavender, ylang & vetiver
JASMINE & GINGER: warming & cheering w/jasmine, ginger & vanilla
WYLDWOODS: strengthening w/ spruce, cedar & tangerine
LOVE & JOY: uplifting w/ tangerine, ylang ylang & geranium
SAGE & SPIRIT: smokeless smudge stick, sage, juniper, vetiver
FLOWERS AT TWILIGHT: rose, jasmine, chamomile, cypress & lemon
OM MIST: meditative & spiritual w/ frankincense, neroli, sandalwood
SUNDEW: sunny & fresh w/grapefruit, mimosa, orange & bergamot

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