Magic Clean Bidet with Dryer

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Sunpentown Magic Clean® bidet is a necessity to everyday personal hygiene, utilizes a stream of water to gently cleanse the bottom after going to the toilet. Offers immediate relief of hemorrhoid pain and helps prevent future hemorrhoids; relieves constipation and straining at stool; maintains optimum feminine hygiene (ideal for expecting mothers); and offers unrivaled cleanliness and comfort. Adjustable water temperature and water pressure with soft start. Also features heated seat, deodorizer and anti-slam lid and seat. Magic Clean® bidet replaces existing toilet seat, installation required.

Self-Cleaning Nozzles

Nozzles are cleaned automatically before and after each use.

Twin Nozzles

One for cleansing the posterior and the other for feminine hygiene.

Massage function

Water sprays up and down during Wash or Bidet funciton. This relaxes the muscles and stimulates bowel movement.

Energy Saving mode

When not in use, water and seat temperature are lowered automatically to pre-heating level, minimizing power comsumption.

· 4 Temperature levels: Room Temp, 93°F, 99°F, 104°F
· 4 Water Pressure levels: 7.11 ~~ 106.7 psi
· Dryer
· Filter
· Deodorizer
· Anti-Slam lid and seat
· Heated Seat
· Occupied Seat Sensor

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