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NHT Retail: $219.00

The Sensitive Home Plug-in model comes in 4 plug types with a durable shock proof ABS case (black only). This Plug-in model uses very little power (less than a 5W light bulb) and plugs into the mains power socket. It should be plugged into a dedicated socket in the centre of your home, or see ourPlug-In Placement Guide for help on deciding how many units you will require and where to position them in your space. One plug-in unit will cover 15 meter sphere of space or 49 feet diameter. The Sensitive Home Plug-in sends a low level pulse up the wiring in your home, the effects from it can be felt throughout the entire house.

This model is designed for EMF sensitive people, these are people who have a lot of allergies or food intolerances. This Sensitive Home Plug-in is also ideal for people who are sick, children or the elderly. Some stronger output models (Elite models) cause the body to detox and this is not desirable for younger children (0-5) and the elderly (65+). This model prevents that from happening.

The Sensitive Home Plug-in model is designed to be plugged in and switched on at the socket (this unit is plug and play) is designed for your average house. Separate dwellings apart from the house will need an extra unit (i.e. an outside office or flat) We recommend to keep the Sensitive plugged in 24/7 to obtain maximum effectiveness, make sure the plug-in is not too close to bedrooms (within 3 meters or 10 feet) as this may influence sleep.

We recommend you purchase a Sensitive V to carry with you when you are away from the house, this will keep up your protection level.

It is not recommended to mix Classic and Sensitive plug-in units in the same house as the fields are different and this may give you mixed results.


  • Designed for the elderly, sick or children
  • Little or no detox effect
  • Low level pulse through wiring
  • Soft field effect is still protective yet subtle
  • May reduce fatigue
  • May improve sleep quality
  • Maybe calming to children
  • May reduce hyperactivity in children
  • May soften the environment and space we live in
  • May increases overall energy levels


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