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The Technology behind Blushield is the most advanced EMF protection on the planet today. This technology has taken the best part of 25 years to develop and over 2 million dollars in revenue to get it to where it is today.

The Blushield Technology makes typical Schumann devices (7.83Hz earth resonance devices) look old school. The types of Schumann resonance devices on the market today seem to be using the same technology which we proved to be ineffective and non-effective long term. We found this out early on in the development of the Blushield.

Our aim was to develop an EMF protection device that would work with everyone and protect people from the harmful effects of EMF, which we could prove using blood tests and scientifically evaluate.

We also knew that for most people to be able to afford protection we had to market a device that would be affordable to the average person and not price itself off the market like so many other devices currently available. The best product at the best price is something we wish to maintain.


So many products that emit an actual electromagnetic frequency use coils or the equivalent of a coil. These are both costly and use a lot of power, reducing battery life and causing interference with other electronic devices. Blushield does not use coils.


The typical use of 7.83 cycles per second in a Schumann device does not protect the user from EMF. It causes stress in the long term and can limit its effectiveness. Blushield does not use 7.83Hz


The Blushield emits frequencies that are in harmony with our bodies that never stress the body and the body does not become used to therefore not rejecting the signal emitted by the Blushield. These resonant frequencies we have evolved with since the beginning of time.


The Blushield is engineered to emit a waveform and frequency range that has maximum effectiveness on the body. At no point is the Blushield repeating the same frequencies like other Schumann devices. This would cause the body to reject the signal over time. Beware of devices using single frequencies or a few selected frequencies like the Solfeggio Frequencies they do not work long term.


We have tested the Blushield Technology on plants and animals with some amazing results. This has shown us that the placebo effect is not at work here and dispells any psychosomatic factors (mind over matter).


We have no scientific information for this kind of electromagnetic attack on individuals of any kind. We are aware that it is talked about on the internet and in some conspiracy groups. If such a thing does exist we know that Blushield would also counter such a thing. Since we have no scientific information other than this we cannot comment. If people are interested in protection of any kind then the Elite Model would be the best protection, while if you are hypersensitive then Sensitive would be your best choice.

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