Buddha Maitreya Etheric Weaver Pendant, Copper

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Product: : Weaver Pendant

NHT Retail: $90.00
Save: $75.00

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Copper Blue ($90.00)
Copper Violet ($90.00)
Copper Gold ($90.00)
Copper Green ($90.00)
Copper Clear ($90.00)
Copper Aqua ($90.00)
Copper Red ($90.00)
Copper Orange ($90.00)
Copper Rainbow ($90.00)
Copper 7 Rays of God ($90.00)
Etheric Weavers can be used by anyone for meditation, self-healing or healing others. The crystal is wrapped with copper wire and 2 magnets. Wear this pendant daily for a clear and clean energy pattern and blessings from Buddha Maitreya.

Etheric Weavers all work in a similar way to de-crystallize negative patterns and truly heal mind, body and emotions through healing and revitalizing the Etheric Field and aligning the individual to the unified Soul of Love, “Buddha Nature’.

Simply hold the Etheric Weaver and you can feel the Chi flowing into your Body. Use it as a Pendulum and the weaver will move in circular motions and then stop as the energy flows between the body and the Chi, this is also known as a form of Qi Gong. There is no technique or diagnostic focus in using the Etheric Weaver, it works spontaneously in conjunction with the Chi of the Soul, and helps to radiate the light and vitality of one's attunement with God. All of the healing effects are based on the Etheric Field, an energetic field that combines the mental, emotional and physical with the Monad, Soul and Personality as an expression of spiritual self-realization and well being.

The Etheric Weaver Pendants are hand made.  

FAQ on Shambhala Healing Tools and Etheric Weavers.

"The Etheric Weaver allows you to experience the phenomenon of healing that you think you need to go to others for. Using the Etheric Weaver, you align to your own self, your Soul, and it gives you spontaneous meditation without having to learn how to shut your mind down as meditation should be 24 hours a day, everything…simply, the ability to respond. So you need to bring these abilities out. With the Etheric Weaver you can help people with all sorts of physical and emotional and mental difficulties, but you can also affect their Soul and a whole transition of life takes place for them. And you learn the benefit of meditation and that is Life – it is extremely spiritual. Using the Etheric Weaver helps you tune into your own Buddha nature in your higher mind, heart and physical being and that is the same thing as the Etheric Weaver – it is resonating with your Etheric field, your Etheric body and that wakes you up and that regulates your chakras better than anyone or anything else and there are no limitations as to how holy that self can be." His Holiness Buddha Maitreya

These Small Buddha Maitreya Etheric Weavers® are designed to be worn daily. These radiate the healing blessings of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya for self-healing,  protection from negative influences and to awaken the Soul. Wearing a Small Etheric Weaver helps to further and maintain a deeper state of peace and positivity as it radiates out vitality and Chi to help heal rents in the Etheric Body—the matrix of the physical, emotional and mental vehicles - and draw it back into a unified and balanced whole.
These Etheric Weavers are approximately 1.75" in length and can be worn or taken off and used like a regular Etheric Weaver for meditation and healing. Select the one you are most drawn to and then customize crystal color and wire wrap. Each Etheric Weaver comes with a complimentary Buddha Maitreya Incarnation Invocation Blessings CD for meditation and Soul Therapy. 

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