What You Can't See Can't Hurt You … Right? 

Let's take a look at Electromagnetic Fields or EMF

Little About EMF

As a kid, do you remember learning that our Sun, Earth and other bodies naturally radiate electromagnetic energy of varying frequencies and intensities. Perhaps you've experienced the low electromagnetic frequencies generated by a lightning storm – you can actually feel the lightening.

Our sun is a natural source of EMF. We're told to use sunscreen to protect us from UV radiation. The Northern Lights are actually solar radiation colliding with the gases in the Earth's atmosphere. Without the protection of the atmosphere we would be bombarded with harmful, much more intense and potentially fatal radiation.

But these are natural sources of electromagnetic radiation and there's only so much we can do about them. What about the new forms of artificially generated radiation? Modern technology has introduced countless new sources of electromagnetic radiation.

Some estimates suggest that humankind today is subjected to 100 to 200 million times more electro-magnetic radiation than our distant ancestors. One hundred to 200 million times more! How can that possibly be good for us? The sources? Power lines, computers, TV's, radio towers, cell phones and microwave ovens, to name just a few.

One recognized authority on the subject of EMF, Robert O. Becker, states in his book "Cross Currents: The Perils of Electropollution, The Promise of Electromedicine" (Page 188) "We have now almost reached a state in which the entire electromagnetic spectrum has been filled up with man-made frequencies. Our electric-power system operates at 50 or 60 times per second (50 – 60 Hz), just above the highest naturally occurring frequency of 30 Hz. Our microwave beams operate at billions of times per second and are getting even closer to the trillion-cycle frequencies of visible light. We have filled the previously empty electromagnetic spectrum between these two extremes with man-made radiation that never existed before on Earth. And we did it in less than eighty years.”

Here's the problem.

We're the guinea pigs! In a sense, we have been silently recruited to participate in some ongoing experiment that will impact us long-term in ways we can only imagine. Only through the outspoken concern of people and groups has the issue of what many call "electropollution" been brought to the forefront.

According to Becker, there is a growing body of scientific evidence showing that exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields results in significant abnormalities in the physiology and function of living organisms. The potential risks to human health, he says, are well documented.

In his book "The Body Electric: Electomagnetism and the Foundation of Life" (pg.327), Becker states:

"Three dangers of EMF overshadow all others. The first has been conclusively proven: ELF, electromagnetic fields vibrating at about 30 to 100 hz, even if they are weaker than the earth's field, interfere with the cues that keep our biological cycles properly timed; chronic stress and impaired disease resistance result. Second, the available evidence strongly suggests that regulation of cellular growth processes is impaired by electropollution, increasing cancer rates and producing serious reproductive problems. Electromagnetic weapons constitute a third class of hazards culminating in climactic manipulation from a sorcerer's-apprentice level of ignorance."

So, what are the implications?


Let's look at what's known. All of those electrical devices with which we surround ourselves - office machines, computers and other devices that get plugged into a wall socket - all operate at a frequency of 60Hz. The huge power lines that cover over 500,000 miles across the United States operate at 60Hz. Studies show that these 60 Hz frequencies (ELF, extremely low frequency) have damaging effects on all life forms. These frequencies are suspected of contributing to or even causing depression, suicides, psychosis, cancer, leukemia and a number of other physical and mental problems. Scientific evidence seems to indicate these frequencies can influence our genetic material during cell division, possibly linking chronic exposure to the origins of cancer.1

Then there are those devices that operate at the other end of the electromagnetic spectrum, like our cell phones. Cell phones use microwaves that oscillate at billions of times per second. What are the long-term effects of using devices that operate at billions of time per second? We simply don't know. This is an area that is much less understood.2, 3, 4

What can we do to protect ourselves?


Here's a few suggestions to consider:

  • Don't position your electric clock radio in close proximity to your head.
  • Minimize all electrical devices in your bedroom.
  • If you sleep with an electric blanket, turn it on before you get in bed and unplug it when you get in. Never keep it on while sleeping.
  • Avoid waterbed heaters.
  • Sit at least arms length away from your computer.
  • Stay back from appliances when running - microwave, electric range, all of them.
  • The larger your TV screen the further back you should sit (a readily available hand held meter will test EMF and help you determine how far back you should be).
  • Stay at least one half mile away from TV or radio towers.
  • Avoid long conversations on cell phones and always wear an earpiece (above 2 minutes has shown alterations in electrical activity of the brain for at least 1 hr. after use).
  • Don't wear your cell phone on your belt or in a pocket while it is on (you are still absorbing radiation).
  • Use a landline instead of your cell phone whenever possible.
  • Limit your time spent under fluorescent lights (they produce much different magnetic fields compared with incandescent bulbs.
  • Before you buy a home have it tested for high levels of EMF.
  • Consider proper grounding of household wiring.
  • Use protective devices that have been tested in areas where there is increased EMF exposure (workplace, home, vehicle).

In the meantime ………

We're just now beginning to understand how electromagnetic fields affect living organisms. More hard knowledge and wider awareness are needed to help us make wise choices and ensure a safe future for the generations to come. We continue to see advances in technology that outpace the research being done to warn us of potential dangers. Most people continue to enjoy the comforts of these new technologies but never think about the consequences of using them.

The choice to use or not use these new devices and how often or long to use them is an individual one. I'm unwilling to let the never-ending new sources of EMF work their way into my home, my car, my clothing and my work area without questioning and limiting my exposure to them. For my money, no exposure or very limited exposure is the way to go. Until there are uniform guidelines based on hard scientific evidence about how much and how long are safe for each type of device, I choose to do without or do with less.

It's time we stop letting ourselves be guinea pigs. It's time we start insisting that those elected or appointed to protect us do their job. It's time to find out what is and isn't happening to us after hours, days, weeks, months and years of exposure.

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Here is more about EMF.


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