Car Aromatherapy Diffusers

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Product: : car diffuser

NHT Retail: $89.99

Please Select:

Orbis Nox Genus ($89.99)
Solum Nox Genus ($89.99)

"Aromatherapy conveys the concept of healing with aromatic substances."   Robert Tisserand

Using a diffuser in the car can have several benefits especially for drivers who need help calming down, get road-rage or need help staying awake. Using a calming aroma like lavender during heavy traffic , or a stimulating aroma like mint can help keep you focused and alert.  

The Aromis car diffuser is very similar to the home unit except that it is equipped with a special small bottle which:

1.     Fits well under the windshield
2.     Has a very low and balanced center of gravity so it will not slip off the dashboard
3.     Functions exactly the same as the other bottles 

The car unit is also shipped with a DC power adapter that plugs directly into the cigarette lighter.

Package includes

  • Your choice of: Orbis Nox wood base or Solum Nox wood base
  • Genus glass bottle
  • Car DC power adapter

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