Car Radiation Protection

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Product: : Voyager

NHT Retail: $114.95
Save: $14.05

Very Effective Car EMF Radiation ProtectionWith the EarthCalm Voyager, car radiation protection is both simple and effective.

New cars and trucks are now complete with on board computers, remote road side assistance, integrated Blue Tooth and other wireless features. Keep yourself as alert and clear-headed as possible while you’re driving. Protect yourself from your car’s electromagnetic waves.
Why You Need Car Radiation Protection?

Your car has a number of electronic instruments in the dashboard, all emitting radiation into your car. Your alternator also generates powerful radiation. And because your car has a metal frame surrounding you, the radiation is trapped inside your car.

Put this together with the radiation assaulting you from cell towers and power lines you pass on the road and you’re immersed in electro smog, causing drowsiness, irritability and mind-fog. And - yet to be determined long term health effects. 

Hybrids & Electric Cars

If you have a hybrid or electric car, the radiation in your car is even higher. Although you’re helping to save the planet (and maybe money) with your alternative car, you’re putting your health at greater risk. 

Be as Alert and Clear-Headed on the Road as Possible!

The EarthCalm Voyager grounds your car, reducing both hazardous EMF's and static electricity. You and everyone in your car can relax and enjoy the drive. 

Note: The Voyager measures 1-1/2″ x1-1/2″. It is essentially flat: the white space at the top that looks dimensional is a tab you pull off to stick it to your car. The black outline is the actual size of the Voyager. 

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