Cellerciser, Tri Fold Kit

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Cellerciser - Not your average rebounder!!! Buy Dave
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For the Connoisseur we introduce the most portable sophisticated Cellerciser® ever..the PATENTED PROFESSIONAL Tri-fold. Featuring a carrying case with pull out handle and wheels. The heavy duty metal frame can actually flex, but won't crack, warp, or bend. Leave outdoors...it’s weather resistant.

Includes: Portable Tri Fold Cellerciser®, Carrying Case w/ built in Dolly, Video (DVD), Book,Booklet, Exercise Chart, intro kit and for a limited time the balance bar FREE. Plus Flat Rate Shipping in the continental United States!

Don't Excercise, CELLERCISE!

  • Portable Tri-Fold Cellerciser®
  • Carrying Case w/ built in Dolly
  • Video (DVD)
  • Book
  • Booklet
  • Exercise Chart
  • Intro Kit
  • Balance bar FREE for limited time

Why Cellercise . . .

Cellercise flexes ALL 75 TRILLION CELLS at the same time! Even better, it requires only 10 minutes a day!

Cellercise is Dave Hall's unique name for exercise that applies weight and movement to every cell causing the entire body, its parts and functions to become stronger, more flexible and healthier. Cellercise works because all body parts and functions are made up of cells.

Cellercise is a weight bearing exercise without the jarring and damage of most impact aerobic activities. Cellercise uses vertical movement like weight lifting, push-ups, pulls-ups or sit-ups in a repetitive up and down motion. However, these conventional forms of exercise target and isolate specific muscles or muscle groups. Its very time consuming and often tears down the body to build it up.

When weight or stress is applied to a muscle, it applies weight or pressure against the cell membrane. Cells increase the amount of protein in their membrane to avoid rupture. As we Cellercise the cells get bigger and stronger. The movement creates momentum. Acceleration and deceleration create pressure changes within the body and an increased amount of weight against the cell membrane. At the bottom of the bounce, every cell in the body is stimulated, exercised and strengthened. Cellercise exercises more than just muscles. Every cell is exercised, including internal organs, veins, capillaries, bones, connective tissue and skin. They are toned, cleansed and strengthened.

The Cellerciser is not a typical rebounder or mini-trampoline. The Cellerciser offers the NEW "TRIPLE-TIERED TAPERED SPRING"(PATENT PEND), not the typical tube spring which can lead to nerve damage and lower back problems. There are lots of rebounders....there's only one Cellerciser. Feel the difference.


From Dave Hall, the founder of Cellercise - "I'm now in my late 40s, and the benefits of Cellercise® continue to amaze me. In 1997, I learned that I have increased my height from 5'10 to 5'11. I actually got taller. It is all documented. I look and feel great. The belly is gone, replaced with a 6 Pack of rippled muscles. My posture is now erect, my digestion and elimination processes are smooth, easy, and efficient. My metabolism has increased.. yet I sit behind a desk all day long. I do no other form of exercise. I Cellercise 10 minutes a day that's it, and I feel like a kid again."

Why do we cost a little bit more and why are we different?

The 'typical' rebounder industry uses either tube springs or simply tapered springs. If the steel in the tapered spring is too soft, then the user does not receive enough resistance in the forces generated by the spring. Many look-a-likes that are priced around $100-$150.00 have that problem. Conversely if the spring is too stiff then the user may not get enough movement and could suffer injury.

Most mini-trampoline companies use one spring for all types/weight of people. So a typical barrelspring could be too hard for someone light and too soft for someone a little heavier. The Cellerciser® is the only mini-trampoline on the market with the TRIPLE-TIERED TAPERED spring design (patent pending). By tapering AND tiering the spring, the user can receive a superior bounce irrespective of the weight or the height of their jump. So the TRIPLE-TIERED TAPERED spring actually adjusts to the users weight and jump.

By tapering and tiering the spring, a 100 pound person will use most of the first tapered tiered section, part of the second tier of the spring and have a great bounce, a 200 pound person will utilize more of the second tier and part of the third tier and the 300 pound person will use more of the third tapered tier. That means you get the best bounce available irrespective of your weight or the heighth of the jump. The spring actually adjusts to the weight of the user automatically. Our spring is made of hi-carbon steel wire with the excellent annealing/temper treated finish. Its final stage of annealing/temper treated finish is the key point. Above all, it is produced via the newest micro-computer auto-control machineries. Such hi-carbon steel wires destroyed a lot of our mouldings at the very beginning.Finally we were compelled to use the tungsten steel moulding to overcome the problem. The hi-carbon steel wire is not on the market so that our minimum producing quantity and longer lead time accounts for a little higher cost. However the end result is the most beautiful performance available to you as the user and WE DON'T HAVE THE BREAKAGE ON OUR NEW SPRING that other springs do.

Additional Information

Demonstrated postions on the Cellerciser! Plus Cellerciser Frequently Asked Questions!

All orders to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and Puetro Rico is an additional $75.00.

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