Conductive Garments

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Made of fabric composed of nylon, cotton and quality conductive fibers, these conductive garments will provide a soothing and relaxing workout to the hands or feet. Innovative conductive fabric is woven for even current distribution and maximum comfort and efficiency. Conductive garments utilize stretchable fabric for excellent conductivity, as well as compression and support. They are one-size-fits-all. Leads are universal to most TENS units. 

Each kit consists of one pair of socks or gloves, two snap leads (SL) with a 2 MM female joint, and two self-adhesive snap electrodes (ESNAP2), or one elastic belt that stretches to over 60 inches. Pads are constructed into the belt and come complete with one set of leads. Ideal for stomach, back or chest. Aloe or other conductive gel is needed for best conductivity (belt only)..

When used on a single appendage, one lead wire attaches to the sock or glove with a snap connector, while the other lead wire attaches to a self-adhesive snap electrode, which is then placed on the forearm or calf to complete the circuit. Moistening the gloves or socks (keeping the snap connector area dry) will substantially increase the conductivity. When used as a pair, attach the lead wire to each sock or glove without using the self-adhesive snap electrode.

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