CorFit Back Support 7000

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CorFit Back Support 7000 may be one of the best back supports on the market, due to its patented desgin and the quality of the materials.  The design is patented to create support proportionally sized in height and length, allowing each CorFit to potentially fit each individual user better.  This enables the CorFit to exert more upward and inward pressure to support the abdominal muslces, which reduces stress on the lower back.  Furthermore it may help improve your posture and lifting technique by limiting the motion of your muscles and ligaments.  

The CorFit is not only one of the best back braces on the market due to its patented desgin, but also due to the quality materials that it is created out of.  The elastic back panel is Products made in USAmade with flexible posterior stays which combined with adjustable double side pulls, provides customizable abdominal pressure to ensure it fits "just right".  The soft, CorEdge Finish around the top and bottom edges adds comfot without bindging or irritation.  While the material is desgined to pull moisture away, helping you stay cooler and making it a perfect choice to wear during more physically active actions.  


  • Small  fits 27-38 inch hips
  • Medium/Large fits 32-48 inch hips
  • X-large fits 40-52 inch hips
  • 2X-Large fits 46-58 inch hips (additional charge)
  • 3X-Large fits 52-64 inch hips  (additional charge)

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