Crystal Catalyst®Technology

A New Advanced Ceramic Material Created by EMF Blues

Crystal Catalyst® Technology is a new Advanced Ceramic material. Advanced Ceramics have unique compositions that allow them to work with energy in new and different ways. Crystal Catalyst® Technology is called a silicone-based Advanced Ceramic because it is made mostly from quartz crystal.

The Crystal Catalyst Bead (left) is made from Crystal Catalyst Technology. Notice the strong energy field emitted by the Bead.

Crystal Catalyst® Technology Similar to Solar Panel Technology

Another silicone-based Advanced Ceramic you might be familiar with are Solar Panels. The unique composition of Solar Panels allows them to absorb solar energy and transform it into electricity.

Crystal Catalyst® works in a similar manner. Instead of absorbing solar energy, Crystal Catalyst® absorbs electromagnetic radiations and transforms them into harmonious frequencies that are beneficial to the body.

Proprietary Formula

Crystal Catalyst® Technology is a proprietary formula developed by Robert McKusick. Robert has chosen to not patent the formula, because he does not wish to reveal the ingredients or the process he uses to make the material.

Egyptian Faience

Egyptian Faience refers to a silicon based ceramic glaze which was produced in Egypt from 3500 B.C. until the first century A.D. The Ancient Egyptians believed Faience to be a magical substance that contained the powers of rebirth. Scarabs and talismans were thought to derive their powers from this quartz based Faience glaze.

Crystal Catalyst® Technology shares many properties of Faience. It too is a silicone based ceramic and is fired in a similar energy field as was used to produce Faience in Ancient Egypt.

Magnetic Directions and Lunar Phases

After firing, the silicone based ceramic material is put through a proprietary 5-step process that involves magnetic directions as well as lunar phases. At the end of this 5 step process, Crystal Catalyst® is born.


Crystal Catalyst® Technology transforms harmful frequencies into beneficial resonances. This creates a stress-free energy environment for your body to function in. Using Crystal Catalyst®Technology helps your body to function more optimally and can increase well-being.

Charged Water

Charged Water is water that has been given a new structure and has more healing abilities because of it. Water can be charged by placing a Crystal Catalyst® Bead in or touching the outside of a pitcher of water. This water tastes sweeter and is more easily absorbed by the body. Plants watered with Crystal catalyst® Water grow green and lush.

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