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With technological advancements in lab-testing procedures, new information has begun to surface. A new lab test, known as ORAC value, has helped bring theories to true scientific validation. One recent discovery is that CoQ10 is not an antioxidant ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) many of us have been led to believe, but a pro-oxidant. As a pro-oxidant, CoQ10 adds oxygen to the blood, thus extending the life of the cells. CoQ10 carries oxygen to the cells to produce ATP, which powers the mitochondria at the cellular level. This is one of the main reasons why CoQ10 is so great for the heart. Research & development decided the best formulation would include ingredients proven to exhibit both pro-oxidant & antioxidant activity while avoiding the expense of CoQ10. The first ingredient they looked to was ATP in its pure form. After exhaustive research, they discovered that ATP is extremely unstable in its free form, so the first challenge was to first find a stable form of ATP so they could make this new formula work & scientifically prove it. The instability problem was solved by using a special enteric coating process for the ATP then added proven antioxidant ingredients to form EAQ10, the ultimate pro-oxidant and antioxidant formula. Brunswick Labs, the creators of ORAC testing, compared it to a sample of CoQ10 and the results were shocking!

CoQ10 has NO detectable antioxidant activity as measured by the ORAC testing methodology. EAQ10 scored an astounding high measurement of 4,334 ORAC units per gram of material. One of the highest scores the lab has ever measured on a per gram basis. The ORAC test is the most accurate way to measure the ability of antioxidants to absorb free radicals, specifically the peroxyl radical.

EAQ10 contains pure, enteric coated ATP - lab-tested to be stable & researched to be highly effective in assisting oxygen uptake to the cells demonstrating superb pro-oxidant activity. The final conclusion is that CoQ10 is an effective pro-oxidant while EAQ10 is both an effective pro-oxidant and an anti oxidant.

The USDA recommends that to provide meaningful anti oxidant health benefits, you need at least 2,400 to 3,000 ORAC units in your daily diet. The average serving of fruits and/or vegetables yields approximately 500 ORAC units. The food pyramid recommends at least six servings of fruits and vegetables daily. A daily dose (2 tablets) of EAQ10 yields almost 6,500 ORAC units...equivalent to roughly 12 servings of fruits and vegetables!

Many juice companies have jumped on the ORAC bandwagon boasting that a bottle of their juice yields values in the neighborhood of 30,000 to 50,000 ORAC units. This is extremely misleading because the values are for the entire bottle, not per serving. Comparatively speaking, if EAQ10 was measured on a per bottle basis, our formula would yield a value of nearly 200,000 ORAC units.

Supplementation with EAQ10 has been shown to effectively elevate ATP levels and provide the associated physiological benefits. Intercellular and extracellular ATP levels were accurately measured by scientists using a 12-detector luminometer. Additionally, OL had the finished tableted product assayed for ATP content and it tested at full potency.

Consistent supplementation with EAQ10 may provide notable improvements in peripheral blood flow and blood oxygenation. The antioxidant effects are laboratory measured and scientifically sound. So, if you want a heart healthy supplement with proven ATP elevating ability, plus the most advanced, proven antioxidant protection you can buy, EAQ10 is the right choice.

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