ElectroSensor EMF Detector

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Product: : 0-24778-90000-3

NHT Retail: $29.95

Electromagnetic Field Detector Gauss Meter EMF Detector measures EMF's

Electro Sensor

A Simple, Accurate and Affordable Gaussmeter measures Electro Magnetic Fields with the push of a button on the hand-held meter. You can quickly and accurately measure the level of EMFs emitted by all common electrical appliances and equipment. 

The LED light bar scale measures from 1.5 to 30 milliGauss. The pick-up coil is located in the tip of the unit which can be rotated for increased directions.

What About Electro-Magnetic Fields and Paranormal Activity and Ghost Hunting? 

Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators also use the ElectroSensor to measure changes in electro magnetic fields.
" I LOVE your product! It's so compact yet efficient. I like anything that will fit in my pocket while I'm on an investigation, the smaller the better. Your little machine is super-sensitive (and cute!) and a real plus is being able to use it in complete darkness, not having to worry about seeing a digital readout. I know I'll be using it for many investigations, and can't wait to share your information with my fellow investigators."
-M. G. American Paranormal Investigations

How to Use the ElectroSensor: 

With the push of a button on the hand held meter, the ElectroSensor quickly and accurately measures the level of electromagnetic fields emitted by all common electrical appliances and equipment in your home or business. The L.E.D. light bar scale measures from 1.3 to 30 mG.  


  • Size 4 x 1-34 x 78
  • Weight 2 oz. including battery
  • Power Single 1.5V AAA alkaline battery (included)
  • Display 10 high visibility L.E.D.s
  • Display Range 1.5 to 30 milliGauss
  • Detection Range 50 - 60 Hz
  • Accuracy +- 3dB

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