Fairy Dust Cleanser

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For those of you with dry skin or sensitivities to foaming cleansers, this silky and airy "dust" is for you! Cleansing Fairy Dust makes a lovely soap replacement, and can also be used as an exfoliant and mask. Also, known as “cleansing grains” this artisan luxury blend of botanicals will gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin, leaving it clean, fresh, and silky soft. For extra healing, use Fairy Dust as a Mask to refine pores, deep clean skin, and reduce breakouts. 

Kaolin clay
 is a beautiful white clay found under tropical soils. It is the most gentle clay on skin. It draws toxins, impurities, dead skin, dirt, and residue from skin, without stripping skin of it's natural oils. So, skin retains its natural moisture, making it a wonderful treatment for all skin types even sensitive or very dry skin.Kaolin clay is prized for its drawing capabilities. It has the ability to draw impurities such as dirt, dead skin cells, residue left behind from the use of other cosmetic products, as well as other toxins without robbing your skin of its natural moisture. Kaolin is also rich in trace and essential minerals, which feeds the skin when it is applied. 

Glow with dewy freshness.

It is gentle enough for daily use. 

Product use:
Combine 1 to 2 teaspoons of Cleansing Fairy Dust with an equal amount of water.  Stir until it forms a paste. Massage gently onto the face in circular motion. Rinse.

To use as a mask, use 2 teaspoons, add 2 teaspoons water to create a wet paste and spread over face. Leave on for 15 minutes or until dry. 

Can also be used as an overnight acne spot treatment. Fairy Dust can also be used on chest, back of hands, feet, arms, legs, or anywhere that needs a little cleansing "dusting" or light exfoliation.

Vegan Ingredients:

White Kaolin Clay, Organic Apricot Kernel, Organic Roses, Organic Lavender flower, Organic Chamomile flower, Organic Yarrow leaf & flower, Organic Elder Flowers, Organic Plantain leaf, Organic Linden Leaf & Flower, Organic Fennel Seed Powder, Organic Essential Oils of Clementine, Lavender, Spearmint.

I love your Fairy Dust, it leaves your skins soft and smells great!  I use it on my hands in addition to my face. I scrub the back of my hands with it. It makes my hands soft and silky! - Kristy A.
Just a little FYI. . . your "Fairy Dust" works amazingly well as an overnight acne spot treatment! I tried it out last night and the results were astounding! This is such an amazing and versatile product. . . so worth every penny! - Sabrina

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