Do I need a Blushield at the Office, as well as at home?

We recommend the use of the Blushield plug-in at your office as well as at home. If you only have a plug-in at your office and not at home; its like going from a hot shower to a cold one, ultimately not good for your overall wellbeing. Secondly most workplaces have lots of electrical equipment which puts you and co-workers at risk. Most high radiation fields exist where the use of a computer and electrical equipment are combined. This is where the use of a Blushield is most valuable.

Can I adjust my environment so I don’t need a Blushield?

It is best to minimise the exposure you receive from EMF (electromagnetic fields) but it is almost impossible to avoid the effects from them. as they cannot be shielded effectively or removed from the environment. Reducing most strong influences from your workspace is a good thing, but the use of the Blushield will take care of you while using electrical equipment.

Does the Blushield block EMF?

Most untrained people would expect that the Blushield would block EMF. This is not how the Blushield functions. What the Blushield does is stop the body responding to EMF. If you wanted to get rid of the EMF you would have to turn the power off. This is why there is no change in the reading of an EMF meter when the Blushield is plugged in or the portable is on. Actually the EMF is neatralised at a cell level hence the need to take blood tests inorder to confirm this data.

Where do I install the Blushield?

It’s best to Install the Blushield close to the people, instead of close to the electrical equipment. It is designed to effect the people not the equipment. All persons within the 15 metre sphere of influence will be protected from EMF. If installing in a house, plug the plug-in model in a hall or in a central part of the house. It is best not to plug it in your bedroom as this is too close to sleeping people.

Why do you use Lithium Manganese Dioxide batteries?

Lithium Manganese Dioxide batteries are the primary battery currently with the highest voltage and energy, longest storage, and the least self-discharge rate. These batteries are ideal for such long-term applications as power for electric devices and electric power, water, heat and gas meters, and especially as a backup power source for memory ICs. These make ideal batteries for the low but steady power consumption to operate the Blushield.

I cant feel anything, am I still protected from EMF?

The fact that some people are less sensitive than others does not mean that they are affected less or more than others. The Blushield as long as it is going within your vicinity, then you are protected. We took blood tests with various people to determine what happened to their overall health when they were exposed to the Blushield. Blood tests showed a marked decrease in oxidation and inflamation, this was a rather marked change dispite the subject not feeling any change, there was a significant change in the quality of his blood.

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