• How quickly will my p.e.bal (Pyramid Energy Balancer) start working?
Immediately, it is constantly moving subtle energy, and balancing it.
  • Where can I buy the pe bal pyramid in the United States? 
Natural Healing Tools is a distributor of the pe bal pyramid in the US. It is safe to buy online by credit card, PayPal or Google Checkout. 
  • Can I move my p.e.bal?
Yes, it is of a convenient size to take with you everywhere! You can take the p.e.bal to and from work so that you can maximize the benefits and protection from it.
  • Can I have more than one in a house/room?
Yes, some people live with many! It may take a little time to adjust to their energy - experiment with their positioning. The benefits of having more than one is that they can used as a personal balancer. Having one in your own room or space means that it is possible to hold the p.e.bal when ever you feel particularly out of balance (low, stressed, anxious, hyperactive etc). They are then interacting with your energy field very fast. Don't forget that for those that meditate or are healers they will enhance the experience.
  • Is the Energy/protective field stopped by walls?
No, within its field of operation nothing stops its efficiency. The p.e.bal will balance a house and its occupants and puts out a protective field against EMF Pollution of 18 yards in all directions (approx.).
  • Do they need cleaning?
No, except for a quick dusting! Nothing negative is stored in a p.e.bal (unlike crystals which do need to be constantly cleaned) because they are constantly moving and balancing subtle energy (not filtering it). You can in fact use them to clean your crystals. Put the crystals near the p.e.bal overnight, or even leave them there to be included in the p.e.bal's energy field and thereby extending the crystals' range.
  • Does my p.e.bal need to be aligned North/South?
No, but there is a minor strength increase to be had by doing this. Use a compass if you don't know the alignment of your house.
  • Will the energy from the p.e.bal harm my baby/children?
No, it could benefit them greatly, at the very least from EMF Pollution.

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