What is a "typical" rebounder?
The typical rebounder industry uses either tube springs or simply tapered springs. If the steel in the tapered spring is too soft, then the user doesn t receive enough resistance in the forces generated by the spring. Better than Stainless Steel, the special steel formula and double annondized spring resists rust but keeps its strength. Aside from the overall quality of the Cellerciser, the Cellerciser is the only unit on the market with the Triple-tiered tapered spring™ design (patent pending). By tapering AND tiering the spring, the user can receive a superior bounce irrespective of their weight. The spring actually adjusts to the users weight and jump. For example, typical barrel springs can be too hard for someone light and too soft for someone a little heavier. By tapering and tiering the spring, a 100 pound person will use most of the first tapered tiered section of the spring and have a great bounce, a 200 pound person will utilize more of the second and third tier of the spring, and the three hundred pound person will use more of the third tapered tier. That means you get the best bounce available irrespective of your weight. The spring actually adjusts to the weight of the user automatically.
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What is the history of the Cellerciser?
David Hall s Center for Cellular Health has always been at the forefront of the most practical applications for making the very best design and performance of mini-trampolines on the market today. David first introduced the barrel spring design in 1993. His new triple-tiered spring is his latest design. Since entering the mini-trampoline industry in the early 90's, David has shared his program and work with Nedak, ReboundAIR, JB Burns, and many others who have followed David's lead. When David first introduced the barrel spring Nedak and Reboundair were still selling the old tube spring design. Later, David made the new professional Tri-fold Cellerciser (patented) available to the general public. It is fast becoming the standard for portable mini-trampolines.
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What is different about the Cellerciser springs?
Typical rebounders use small diameter tube springs that can cause an abrupt jar at the end of the stretch. When a person alters the angle of their body, this can put them in a very compromised positioned potentially damaging them. The Cellerciser is constructed with superior quality large fat barrel Triple-tiered tapered springs that allow for a gentle acceleration-deceleration effect. Our steel is stronger and offers better movement than Stainless steel!! Our special annondized coating offers added strength and is rust resistant.
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How is the frame constructed?
The springs on typical rebounders are connected directly into the frame, causing the frame to wear away in 36 different points. The Cellerciser frame is drilled with thirty-six holes through the frame. Special steel pins are then inserted through the frame. The springs are then attached to the pins. Hence, the frame lasts virtually forever. Each spring is folded over the attached area so when the Cellerciser is folded the spring stays in place during travel. The supporting legs on typical rebounders are screwed on, they can loosen, get stripped, stuck or lost. The Cellerciser s legs are connected over a steel post and held in place by heavy duty piano wire. (The best wire available) The leg lifts up and snaps into place. Even the rubber tips at the end of the legs are not typical rubber, but rather a polymer and much stronger. To date we ve never worn a rubber tip out. We do not have built in obsolescence in the Cellerciser. We even include a metal washer inside the rubber tip so that the legs' ends won't wear through. In addition we don t hand weld our legs like our competition. Hand welding can cause cold spots where the weld is weaker and thus can break. We use a computerized robotic welding system.

The paint on the Cellerciser has an electro-statically applied powder coated finish. That helps the Cellerciser be more resistant to weather conditions.
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What does the balance bar do for me?
The Balance Bar on both the ½ fold Cellerciser and the newer Tri-fold can be put into the carrying case for portability. The bar can be raised to three positions for adjusting to a person's height.

The balance bar is not rigid but rather loose. David Hall has discovered in his 15 years of experience that when the bar is rigid, a person becomes more dependent on the bar for their balance. By keeping the bar loose, the person using the Cellerciser only uses the bar when they need it and as their balance improves, they apply less and less weight on the bar. David often uses the example of walking across a fence railing. When walking across the railing it is harder for the average person to keep their balance, but throw in a branch, even a small one, to hold on to, and the balance improves dramatically. David s tens of thousands customers range in age from infants to those over 100 years. He has worked with gerontology departments helping all ages improve and restore balance.
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How can the Cellerciser program work so well in only ten minutes a day?

You don't need a health club, gym equipment or an hour of jogging. You can cellercise in your own home. Typical exercise is limited to specific muscles or muscle groups. Typical exercise works by applying weight on specific muscles or muscle groups, generally by lifting weight away from gravity. Cellercise works by increasing the weight of gravity on every cell of your body over 100 times per minute. That means every muscle, bone, ligament, tendon, connective tissue, even the collagen and skin. The whole body begins to grow stronger, leaner, and more toned from the inside out.
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How can the Cellercise program do so much for so many different people?

I'm glad you asked that. It is true, anyone from athletes to seniors, executives and children can benefit from the Cellerciser and David Hall's Cellercise program. Everybody is made up of cells. Cells don't get old, they replace themselves constantly. We can improve the efficiency of our cells at any age. When we improve the efficiency and strength of our cell we improve the strength and efficiency of our body parts and functions. Cellercise is fun, easy, convenient, economical, portable, and safe for everybody.
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Why are Cellerciser products more expensive than the "typical" rebounders or mini-trampolines?

A) Cellerciser is a premium brand in the natural product market. There is no comparison to the Cellerciser and when it comes to your health and fitness, it is worth every penny. The Cellerciser is made to last a lifetime.

B) With Cellerciser products you are guaranteed an extremely high quality product and if not fully satisfied all of your products can be returned for a full refund. With the Cellerciser, the springs don't stretch out like typical rebounders and the springs do not have to be replaced every couple of years. I've never needed to replace one of my new Triple-tiered tapered springs. People may pay a little less for a similar model but when they add the extra cost and frustration of replacing springs...not so. At $3.00/spring to replace in a cheaper rebounder, and 36 springs, that's over $100.00.
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