HighChi Energy Jewelry

How do I activate my HighChi Jewelry?
Everything is made up of energy. HighChi Jewelry are energetic tools specifically designed to transmute and transform negative energies into your greatest desires. These two proven techniques will help you release negative emotions and energies, and then transform them. The only way out is through, so you must feel your negative emotions in order to release them... Let go of who you're not, so you can connect to who you truly are.
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How to Activate HighChi Jewelry with The Emotional Freedom Technique.
HighChi Energy Jewelry is the perfect matrix of pristine and impeccably balanced energy. Each Talisman is specifically designed to take EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique to a whole new level. We have designed this proven technique to help you release the negative emotions, attitudes, and decisions which are in the way of what you most desire. The only way out is through, so you must feel your emotions in order to release them... Let go of who you're not, so you can connect to who you truly are.
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What is the Emotional Freedom Technique?
This Emotional Freedom Technique is an easy and effective method for releasing negative emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety as well as other negative energies. Because of it's impeccable energy which the Ancient Egyptians believed created "Gateways to the Divine", HighChi Energy Jewelry provides the fast track to emotional freedom. Your power is in your emotions so when expressed or felt you can take your power back to create that which you most desire.

Feel the emotion (be it anger, fear or anxiety or frustration) as intensely as you can and tap your HighChi Jewelry with your left hand and it will help you release those emotions.

It is very important as you do not want to hold these negative emotions in your body, as unexpressed emotions are known to cause "dis-ease."

Congratulations, you’ve acknowledged the negative emotion and released it. Now you can transform that energy into positive emotions and create new energy in your life with the 33 second technique for manifesting.

The Most Powerful Force in the World is focused Intention!!
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Can HighChi Jewelry be used effectively with other techniques such as the Emotional Freedom Technique?
Yes, our research has shown that when wearing HighChi Jewelry and practicing the EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique that the EFT practice works so much better to release negative thought feelings choices and decisions. Most importantly Harmonic Resonance Energy in HighChi Jewelry accelerates the forgiveness process.
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How can I use my HighChi Jewelry to release negative emotions and even other people’s negative energies?
We have developed protocols, which are extremely effective in releasing negative emotions or energies in the body. We call this protocol The Feel and Flick Technique This technique is excellent for letting go of what you don’t want, so you can receive or create what you do want.

Think of something you want to create in your life that you truly desire – a relationship, better health, a new job, etc. Now feel what it’s like to have it. Now feel what it’s like not to have it. It’s the feeling of the not having that is in the way of having what you truly desire. To release the not having, simply hold the pendant in your left hand between your thumb and your index finger. The meridian located at the tip of your left index finger is the most efficient for releasing negative emotions from the body. Now with your right hand, make a fist with your thumb on the outside. Next quickly release or flick your fingers against your thumb. Feel and flick until you’re done and you feel clear.

The Feel and Flick Technique for Releasing Negative Emotions™

The Feel and Flick Technique is an easy and effective procedure for letting go of negative emotions such as anger, fear and other harmful energies. Whenever you experience negativity or negative feelings, simply hold the pendant in your left hand between your thumb and your index finger. The meridian located at the tip of your left index finger is the most efficient for releasing negative energy from the body. Now with your right hand, make a fist with your thumb on the outside. Next quickly release or flick your fingers against your thumb. Feel and Flick until you eel clear. Congratulations, you’ve acknowledged the negative emotion and released it, so you can now transform that energy into what you want to create in your life with the 33-second technique for manifesting.
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What is the 33 Second Technique?
Olympic Athletes know the amazing power of creative visualization, by seeing and feeling themselves winning, using their focus and intention. Deeply feeling what you most desire is imperative to reality creation. In order to manifest something specific in your life:

1) Hold the pendant in your left hand, and ask for what you desire with focused intention, and visualize yourself having what you want, with all the love, gratitude, and excitement you can feel.

2) Hold the image and emotion for exactly 33 seconds, as this is a very powerful manifestation technique ( You can use the timer below ) Your future creates your present, so it is important to see yourself having already achieved what it is you want, as if you are looking at yourself in a photo. After 33 seconds immediately let go of your visualization.

3) Release your desire to the universe with gratitude. You will be amazed at how fast and easily you will be able to manifest your greatest desires. For best results, repeat 3 times, each day.
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How do I care for my HighChi Jewelry?
As with other fine jewelry, you should care for your HighChi pieces. We recommend you take off your jewelry prior to bathing. Plus polish with a jewelry cloth regularly.
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What is the HighChi Energy Lineage? How can it be uplifting?
Fascinated by Ancient Egyptian Mysticism and it's promise for eternal youth, in 1798 Napoleon entered the pyramids of Giza. While seeking conquest he happened upon a series of mysterious pendulums, energy devices and energetic measuring devices. In the 1940's, French Scientists Leon de Chaumery and Antoine de Bellizal, the pioneers of the physics of detection of qualitative effects on the human energy system, discovered that these instruments were to hold a perfect matrix of universal energy: the 12 Higher Harmonics.

During the late 20th century, the famous Egyptologist; Dr. Ibrahim Karim, perfectly replicated these instruments and their the resonant frequencies or Higher Harmonics. This started a whole school of thought known as BioGeometry. In 2001 HighChi, LLC, amplified these 12 Higher Harmonics and through the use of quantum technology it was imbued in the jewelry and other energy and meditation systems.

The 12 Higher Harmonics have a rich history associated with many cultures. The ancient Egyptians employed these higher harmonics in the Kings Chamber where the Pharoahs would have their Initiation Ceremonies. These same energies were also considered the Sap in the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah. The Ancient Geomancers of Feng Shui in China created these same energies for the perfect alignment of body, mind, spirit and space. Each piece in our collection is meticulously crafted according to Harmonic Resonance Technology. This activates higher vitality and energy, while providing the wearer with a subtle armor against the harmful effects of negative frequencies which can be generated by cell phones, computers,electrical appliances, and all other negative energies.

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Can I wear HighChi Energy Jewelry in the shower or bath?
You can wear the sterling silver or pure 14k gold in the shower or bath, however the chlorine will cause the 925 sterling silver to tarnish, which can easily be cleaned with a soft jewelry cloth. If you wear the plated jewelry, the chlorine will affect it, and in time the plating will wear off. We have a special replating program if that does occur and you can send your HighChi Jewelry in to be replated.
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Is HighChi Jewelry safe for pets?
Yes, we have many animals happily wearing the pendants on their collars. One of the main energies on HighChi is the higher harmonic of gold which is the same energy you see around saints. When saints are exhumed they do not decompose like regular beings, as they are filled with this beautiful life force energy, which the ancient Egyptians believed to be very anti aging, as well as attracting physical abundance. In a study done by Dr. Glen Rine formally of Stanford, he was able to show that not only does our jewelry protect the DNA from negative frequencies from cell phones, but it gets the energy flowing in the body. In Chinese medicine, age is measured by the flow of chi, as the more energy you have flowing the younger you are. We all want out pets to be with us as long as possible, and to live happy and healthy lives so having them wear HighChi helps to ensure that.
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How do I know if my HighChi Jewelry is working? Do I have to get my HighChi Jewelry recharged?
Many people experience a much higher level of energy and just a wonderful sense of well-being. Most report that they are just happier. You can also hold the pendant in your hand between your thumb and fingers or in the palm of your hand, and you will feel the energy tingle very slightly. If you don’t feel it in one hand you may try the other.

Do I have to get HighChi Energy Jewelry recharged?

No, HighChi Jewelry is energized for the lifetime of the jewelry, or 250 years, which ever comes last.
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How do I know I'm connected to my intuition and know that I'm protected?
How do I know I’m more connected to my intuition when I wear HighChi Jewelry?

Many people feel an expanded sense of well-being. What is most noticeable is when you’re not connected to source or to your intuition; you’re either angry, frustrated, fearful, or possibly even in self pity. Wearing HighChi many become a better observer of what they are feeling, and rather than continuing in the old habit patterns they are able to clear the negative emotions or thought patterns, using the: Feel and Flick” Technique*. The most important thing you can do for yourself and the world s to feel wonderful.

How do I know I’m protected when I wear HighChi Jewelry?

We have had an independent study done by Dr. Glen Rine formally of Stanford University, showing how our technology does protect from the harmful effects of negative EMF’s as well as enabling the chi or energy to flow more easily in the body. When energy gets stuck it creates stress. Stress is the major cause of aging and disease. Also through our own independent studies and research we have been able to show that when an individual wears our jewelry and gets close to a television or a cell phone, that there body stays in a healthy clockwise spin. When not wearing HighChi the bodies go into an unhealthy counterclockwise spin. And finally many notice that they just feel so much better.
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How long has HighChi been researching energy medicine?
Since 1995 we have been pioneers in energy medicine. At HighChi our commitment is to create the most protective, transformational and balanced energy, and to make it available to as many as possible.

Our energy technology is designed to work as subtle armor against the harmful effects of electronic EMF rays and even negative energies from other's. Based upon the brilliant work of the fathers of subtle energy medicine, including Nikola Tesla, William Royal Rife, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Dr. Albert Abrams, George Lakhovsky, and more recently Dr. Ibrahim Karim, we have full time research and development. We continue to upgrade the energy on our jewelry, and every HighChi Pendant periodically receives the upgrades. We believe that negative EMF or ELF pollution is the biggest pollution on the planet right now, and independent studies are available below, showing the important benefits of wearing HighChi Jewelry. For more information on the negative impact of ELF and EMF carrying waves please go to: http://www.bioinitiative.org/
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What is the clinical background of the Biofeedback Report done by Dr. George von Bozzay?
George Fuller von Bozzay, Ph.D. Founder and Clinical Director of the Biofeedback Institute of San Francisco; Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University Medical Center; Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Biological Dysfunction, University of California Medical School, San Francisco; Staff Psychologist, Adult Psychiatry Department, Children's Hospital, San Francisco; Faculty, City College of San Francisco, University of California, Berkeley Extension; 1976 President, Biofeedback Society of California, past Co-chairman of State Societies and Chairman of Insurance Committee, Biofeedback Society of America; and author of Biofeedback: Methods and Procedures in Clinical Practice (Biofeedback Press, 1977) and Psychology: Today and Tomorrow (Harper and Row, 1978) as well as other books, chapters and publications.
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Biofeedback Report

For The MegaChi Pendant from Dr. George von Bozzay of the Biofeedback Institute in SanFrancisco

We concluded that the MegaChi Pendant significantly increases ability to meditate, and release stress or relax with eyes closed. In the waking state the MegaChi Pendant increases the ability to release stress, and relax, as well as the subject being much more creative, and with increased ability for problem solving.
Defining the parameters of brainwaves:

Beta 12-25hz –focus and concentration
Alpha 8-12hz – relaxation, mind clearing
Theta 4-8 Hz – creativity, imagery

There were 3 research trials

1st without the Pendant, to establish baseline. Then with eyes open with the MegaChi Pendant & then with eyes closed with the MegaChi Pendant. This test parameter is important, as it established the subject screening their environment.

We first looked at what is normal, what the brain waves were like with eyes closed: There was a significant amount of alpha, some beta & some theta.

Then we looked at change with eyes open: Theta & alpha & beta went down.

We then looked at the brain waves when the test subject held the Megachi Pendant. With the Rhodium Pendant Theta & Alpha went up, Beta went down.

This indicates a slight increase in creativity, & somewhat more stress release and relaxation.

In the 2nd study the parameters were as follows: 1st the subject was without the MegaChi Pendant, to establish baseline. Baseline was normal brainwaves with slight Theta, with eyes open. With eyes closed there was significant increase in alpha, with increase in beta & some theta.

Once again the subject held the MegaChi Pendant, & we tested the subject with eyes open with the Megachi Pendant, & then with eyes closed.

We observed with the gold MegaChi Pendant that there was significant increase in alpha, & significant increase in Theta. The beta remained constant.

With the Rhodium MegaChi Pendant, there was a highly significant increase in Alpha, & some increase in delta, & slight increase in beta.

By looking at both graphs of Eyes Open of the subject holding the MegaChi Rhodium Pendant together, there was a consistent significant increase in creativity & in relaxation or stress release.

With eyes closed there was a highly significant increase in relaxation, & some increase in creativity, & less increase in focus & concentration.
In the waking state or with eyes open, there was a significant increase in the creative function.

There were significant amounts of stress release or relaxation as well as increase in creativity. We observed little or no increase in the beta brainwaves, which can indicate focus or concentration, which was interesting, as the increase in the beta brainwave, can also indicate higher levels of stress.

In repeat studies we had very similar results. So the results seem to be reliable.

With the gold MegaChi Pendant there was more sustained alpha & theta, & less beta.
With eyes open, the subject indicated more creativity or theta & again more relaxation/stress release or alpha.

The Rhodium MegaChi Pendant brainwave patterns, indicated being more relaxing than the gold.

The study was done over 3 trials, over a period of 5 months, aand the results were reliable in that they show similar findings each time.
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