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What are the SafeSpace products?
The SafeSpace products are ideal for stabilizing and balancing the energy fields of your environments. The effectiveness of the SafeSpace technology is based on its ability to interact with the environment's constantly changing condition and establish equanimity.

The SafeSpace devices are designed to balance and harmonize our environments by creating a peaceful and harmonious flow of the energies or the life force throughout the space it affects. Although it is designed to work on an 'energetic' level with the environment, it can have a very tangible and beneficial effect on those living and working in those spaces. By creating a more relaxed, comfortable environment a variety of benefits occur.

The SafeSpace life enhancing energy patterns radiate a profoundly coherent energy field which activates the flow of the Life force helping to clear and open and balance a broad range of environmental situations.
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Clearing Electrosmog
The SafeSpace Products are designed to neutralize and protect environmental spaces from detrimental energies such as high-frequency pollutants from the electrical wiring in your home/business; negative effects of electrical lines as well as electrical appliances; geopathic stress from earth radiations; and the toxic effects of other disharmonious energies. See each individual product for the specific use and instructions.
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Affecting Feng Shui of environments
We are profoundly affected by our surroundings, particularly our homes and work environments. For centuries the Chinese have practiced the art of feng shui (proper placement). This practice is based on an appreciation of the natural flow of chi or life force and vital energy through the environment. They have taught that if a person changed and balanced his surroundings, he could balance and improve his life.

The energy in one's environment will affect it's atmosphere and therefore its occupants. We may feel comfortable, healthy and safe in a clear environment where the energy is balanced. On the other hand, an imbalanced or sick environment may leave us feeling weak, anxious or depressed.
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Affecting toxins
The atmospheric conditions within the home may amount to a poisonous cocktail of gases emanating from the building materials and or furnishings. Dust has its own chi energy which tends to stagnate when it becomes stuck in one place. Clutter harbors old chi energy and makes it difficult for energy to move smoothly through a building.

The SafeSpace products can help by raising the vibration of the environment.
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Clearing the 'psych' of a space.
Environments are energetically patterned by how people use the spaces. Rooms do not become empty just because people leave them physically. Places are affected by human psycho-physical energies. These energetic patterns remain in the subtle field of the environment even after we physically leave a place and can affect how a particular space feels. This pattern of energy has a subtle form and structure to it and can have a toxifying effect on an individual if the energy is particularly chaotic and negative. .

Old buildings will have absorbed some of the chi energy linked with the happy or sad events that have taken place there. Most of this washes away with time but a residue could stay for centuries. Negative chi energy hangs on in parts of a building that are dark or damp, and can affect the lives of people living there. If generations of occupants have experienced similar misfortunes (for example, illness, divorce, bankruptcy) it could be caused by the Feng Shui of the building. The lower negative psychic energies that can 'possess' our buildings and our surroundings can be another invisible disturbance that can be felt. These vibrations can be left behind in furniture and floors and walls due to the history of subtle bodily communications that permeate many buildings..

The SafeSpace device clear the effect of disharmonious energies and noxious thought emanations. Removing these energies can erase constricting conditions, allowing a freer, fresher participation in that environment. This clearing eliminates tensions and promote a more healthy and productive milieu. With use of the SafeSpace products the entire environment will take on a brighter, lighter and clearer quality. People often comment on how much the place feels as though a breeze of fresh air has cleared the space and that it's easier to breathe!
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How is electromagnetic energy tested?
Electromagnetic waves that runs our radio, TV, cell phones, etc. have frequencies, wave action and motion that we can measure. Our current frequency instruments and meters measure these waves by interacting with electron flow and energy transmission . Conventional scientific instruments measure electric and magnetic fields by interacting with denser levels of energy than subtle energy fields. These instruments are not sensitive enough to detect subtle fields which propagate at faster-than-light speed.
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How can the SafeSpace technology be tested?
Because of the nature of the subtle energy that is being modified by the SafeSpace device normal scientific instrumentation is not sensitive enough to pick up the vibrational shift occurring in the environment. The effects of the device are easily tested through methods that can detect biological effects or subtle energy changes. The effects of our products on the body have been tested through electroacupuncture, kinesiology, Heart Rate Variablility, Bioresonance Testing. These and other testing methodologies have been extremely helpful for showing the effect an energy device has on the human body.
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Directions to place the Cell Phone EMF Protection Patch.
The SafeSpace Cell Phone Patch should be positioned on a clean flat surface anywhere on the cell phone, cordless phone or wireless device.

1. Clean the selected area to remove any dirt or oil.
2. Holding the sides of the patch, position it anywhere on your cell phone or cordless phone. Do not touch the adhesive back.
3. Press down to ensure permanent positioning.
4. Do not remove the Safe Space Cell Phone Patch once it has been applied. This may result in damage to the product.
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What SafeSpace product do I use on a mobile device?
The SafeSpace Cell Phone patch can be used to harmonize the EMF radiation on all types of wireless hand held devices. Cellular Phones, Smart Phones, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, headsets, Blue Tooth technologies, cordless phones and PDA's.

Place on any mobile device. We prefer to place it over the battery but anywhere on the device is fine.

Do not take off once applied. This may damage the patch.
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