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Fiber is an essential part of anyone's diet, with the daily recommend amount of upwards of 30-35 grams for men and some teens, however it can be challenge in this busy day and age to meet this, as the average American only consumes 15 grams.  Thankfully, though there are products like FiberDX that make meeting your daily recommended value a tasty snap, with some of the benefits of having a high fiber diet may include reducing:
  • Heart Health: Higher levels of intake are shown to potentially decrease the risk of heart disease, with a study showing that a high level of dietary fiber reducded coronary heart disease by up to 40%!
  • Type 2 Diabetes: Higher levels of dietary fiber is correlated to a lower risk for Type II diabetes, especially when combined with a diet that has a low glycemic index, as shown in this and other studies.
  • Diverticulitis Disease: this is an age related disease in Western Cultures, which is an inflammation of the intestine.  This disease may be potentially averted by higher levels of dietary fiber intake, particularly insoluble fiber, as shown in this  study.
  • Weight Control: Supplemental fiber may help you maintain a healthy body weight in a variety of ways:
    • Appetitate Suppressant:Fiber may help you feel fuller, through swelling in your stomach, so there is literally less room in your stomach for more food.
    • Fat Reduction: through taking fiber with or before a heavier meal it may cut down on the amount of unwanted nutrients (i.e. saturated fat) that would be absorbed by the body.
    • Insulin Control: fiber taken with meals may help ensure that insulin remains steady, allowing food to be used for energy instead of stored as fat. 
Fiber Dx is not only an excellent supplemental source of dietary fiber, but is also easy to mix, low calorie, easy to use as a partial flour replacement in cooking, and finally is delicious when added to a protein shake!

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