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The Flower of Life subtle energy pendant is a universal template from which all life springs.
The Flower of Life subtle energy pendant is a universal template from which all life springs.
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Giving the flower of life to someone is like giving them the whole universe in one jewel.

The Flower of Life is a universal template from which all life springs. It contains ancient and religious significance and is considered to be sacred amongst many cultures around the world both ancient and modern. Especially related to the teachings of the Kabbalah, it is closely relate to Tree of Life. When you meditate upon the Flower of Life, it maps a window into the unity of infinity where the ordinary becomes a revelation of the extraordinary. The Flower of Life challenges us to reunite our mind, body and spirit so we can strengthen our connection to the divine and transform our lives and our world to a higher level of being and consciousness.

A perfect travel necklace. Wear this piece everywhere above or below your clothing to protect from negative EMF waves while traveling. Did you know a plane is a giant EMF generator?

The collection of High Chi jewelery is digitally encoded with the 12 higher harmonics, long ago utilized by the ancient Egyptian culture, for the perfect alignment of body, mind and spirit.   Each piece in the collection is meticulously crafted according to Harmonic Resonance Technology, activating a higher vitality and energy, while providing the wearer with a subtle amour against the harmful effects of negative frequencies generated by cell phones, computers and electrical appliances.

The 12 harmonics are mirrored in the 7 energy centers (chakras) of the body and the 5 dimensions of divine consciousness radiating above. Each piece in our collection establishes a fusion between these and the wearer, to energize and heighten awareness, health and abundance. More information on the 12 Higher Harmonics.

1st chakra -  sexual creative energy, desire, emotions, pleasure Red
3rd chakra - personal power, will, self-definition, strength of will, purpose, self esteem Orange
4th chakra heart chakra - emotional intelligence, love relationships, balance, compassion, self-acceptance Yellow
Blue 5th throat chakra - personal expression, communication, truth, resonance, creativity Green
6th chakra 3rd eye - intuition, imagination, self reflection, psychic perception, clarity,
Violet 7th chakra crown chakra- awareness, self-knowledge, wisdom, consciousness Indigo
Gold 8 - physical abundance and anti aging
Crimson 9 - realm of the angels for higher intuition
Green 10- horizontal force for healing
White Light 11 - to release all negative energy
Scalar 12 - the door to higher consciousness 

Subtle Energy Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions. 

How you can activate your Flower of Life Pendant ~ not required {but fun!!}:

Everything is made up of energy. HighChi Energy Jewelry is a tool to transmute and transform negative energy into the positive energy of your greatest desires. These two proven techniques will help you release negative energy, and manifest your dreams.

This is not required to activate your pendant, but these techniques can be used during times of stress or meditation. 

The Feel and Flick Technique™

The Feel and Flick Technique is an easy and effective procedure for letting go of negative emotions such as anger, fear and other harmful energies. Whenever you experience negativity or negative feelings, simply hold the pendant in your left hand between your thumb and your index finger. The meridian located at the tip of your left index finger is the most efficient for releasing negative energy from the body. Now with your right hand, make a fist with your thumb on the outside. Next quickly release or flick your fingers against your thumb. Feel and flick 3 times. Congratulations, you’ve acknowledged the negative emotion and released it, so you can now transform that energy into what you want to create in your life with the 33 second technique for manifesting. 

The 33 Second Technique

Professional Athletes know the amazing power of visualizing and feeling themselves winning, using their focus and intention. Our energized pendants are designed to create an opening to the divine, so that when you ask with focused intention, it is amplified. Deeply feeling having what you most desire is imperative to reality creation. In order to manifest something specific in your life, simply hold the pendant in your left hand, and ask for what you desire with focused intention. Visualize and feel yourself having what you want with all the love, all the gratitude, and all the excitement and hold that image and emotions for 33 seconds. Afterward, let go of your visualization and release your desire to the universe with gratitude, knowing it is already done. You will be amazed at how fast and easily you will be able to manifest your greatest desires. For best results, repeat 3 times. 

Note: Available in Silver and Gold plate. A solid gold Flower of Life Pendant is available. Pricing upon request.

The Flower of Life pendant, like any other fine jewelry, is water proof. However, it is not recommended to wear the Flower of Life pendant in your daily shower or spa as constant chemicals in the water will damage the finish. The EMF energy signature will not be affected.

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