FAR Infrared Footrest

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Product: : THFR 1000

NHT Retail: $149.00
Save: $1.00

Your feet and legs have never felt this good!

Our TheraDesign Footrest with incorporated patented Far Infrared Heat Technology combined with contouring TheraFoam memory foam allows you to comfortably adjust your legs and feet to the proper angle for increased blood circulation, reduced fatigue and stress.

An adjustable time and temperature control maximizes the effectiveness of the Far Infrared Heat Therapy. The extra long reach foot pedal switch allows a two hour time reset with the flick of your foot.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ergonomic Design - affordable price
  • Even distribution and delivery system of beneficial Far Infrared heat
  • Insignificant Electromagnetic radiation (EMF)
  • Safe, long-lasting, deep penetrating therapeutic heat
  • Special Design Thera Memory Foam
  • Time and temperature
  • Foot pedal switch on/off timer reset
  • Antibacterial materials
  • New ACF heat technology
  • US Patent

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