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Product: : HealthStep
The HealthStep® Completely eliminate toxins. Perfect health tool to use with a detox and fasting program! Helps the body eliminate waste in a natural position. No more straining!
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HealthStep has teamed up with Natural Healing Tools to offer a special promotional price extended! Take advantage and order a HealthStep for every bathroom - home, vacation home and office!

HealthStep by Ginacor at Natural Healing ToolsThe Healthstep is designed to use for natural posture while on the toilet. To free up the bathroom, the Healthstep fits around the toilet when not in use! Have a Healthstep in every bathroom for the entire family's elimination health.

What is the Healthstep?

The HealthStep® is a 510K exempt medical device that when used with your toilet allows you to easily achieve the squat position to eliminate waste. Perfect squatting to poop posture.

Studies show that using the squat position for bowel elimination is more effective for complete evacuation of waste and toxins.This position helps prevent hemorrhoids and provides relief from bloating and constipation.

The patent-pending HealthStep® design has been carefully engineered based on the anatomical structure of the human body, specifically the pelvis, the digestive tract, the colon and the legs, hips and feet. The footpads are at the precise angle for your body to be in perfect alignment for complete and total elimination.

The Healthstep® is the simple, profound solution for achieving complete elimination. Complete elimination means less bloating and relief from constipation and hemorrhoids. Feel healthy, light, and full of energy. Feel younger.

The HealthStep® is so simple and easy to use. Ensure that your digestive and elimination intestinal tract work at their optimal level. Completely helps your body eliminate toxins. Use the HealthStep® in your daily bathroom routine.

Dimensions: The HealthStep itself is 16.5”L x 19”W x 8.5”H.



  How to use HealthStep

1. Slide your new HealthStep® around the base of your toilet, where it stores conveniently until you are ready to use.
2. Sit firmly on your toilet. When ready to use, simply pull out your HealthStep® to a comfortable distance. 
3. One at a time, place your feet on the footpads. Your feet will not lay flat. With your weight resting slightly on the balls of your feet, you are in the proper position for complete elimination. 

When using the HealthStep™ the weight of the body rests on the feet. This opens the muscles of the pelvic area and angles the rectum for the best possible mechanical advantage. This allows for complete and total elimination of waste and toxins. This position also braces the muscles of the abdomen. The extra pressure of the thighs against the abdomen supports the ascending and descending colon, helping to prevent waste from getting stuck in the colon and causing bulges and distortions. Using the HealthStep® for elimination, also protects the pelvic nerves by keeping the perineum rigid.

The patent-pending Health Step® design is the simple, profound solution to achieving the squat position with the modern toilet.

Go the way Nature intended. Use the Health Step!

Advantages of using the HealthStep® by Ginacor:

  1. Using the HealthStep® for elimination reduces stool transit time, thereby reducing the risk of toxic build-up.
  2. Using the HealthStep® for elimination lessens pressure in the anal and rectal veins, thereby helping prevent or lessen hemorrhoids.
  3. Using the HealthStep® for elimination, straightens the anal canal, opens the muscles of the pelvic area and angles the rectum to eliminate stressing and straining. Opening the pelvic floor can relieve constipation and bloating.
  4. Using the HealthStep® for elimination improves the ease and efficiency of emptying the bowel. This helps to avoid the discomforts and consequences of irregularity, thus improving health and the quality of life.
  5. Using the HealthStep® for elimination minimizes straining during defecation to reduce the risk of bowel herniation and other damage to the lower digestive tract. 
  6. Using the HealthStep® makes elimination easier and more complete, helping make elimination more comfortable.
  7. Competing wood alternatives are more expensive and not as sanitary for long term bathroom use.
Made in America!

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