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What if everyone became concerned or interested in cleaning out the garbage in their house became as concerned to what has accumulated in their bodies? Unfortunately, not enough attention has been given to the idea of routinely giving our bodies a thorough cleaning. Think for a moment, all the “crap”... some of which has been accumulating over a lifetime... lying dormant in the intestine due to the human body's inability to breakdown the types of foods we ingest along with all the foreign chemicals that are introduced into the mix.


What goes into the bodies of most people over the course of a lifetime:

  • Commercial foods - the synthetic additives and processing of these foods are difficult for the body to breakdown.
  • The pesticides, herbicides and toxic fertilizers that are sprayed on crops are extremely toxic to the body.
  • Prescription drugs - more advanced foreign chemicals infiltrating our bodies. 
  • Air pollution due to both human and natural pollutants. Pollution from cars, industrial emissions and wild fire smoke.
  • Processed water supply - more than 75,000 chemical compounds.
  • Vaccinations - these attenuated viruses and other foreign chemicals persist in the body for a very long time and perhaps permanently.
  • Overcooked foods - cooking at high temperatures destroy the important enzymes that help our bodies break down the food.
  • Toxic metals - Mercury dental fillings that leak toxic residue in the body.
  • Environmental chemicals - implicated in 60-80% of all cancers.

The human body can handle some of these chemicals but not to the extent at which they are being introduced into the body and the increased complexity of their chemical forms. Many of these chemical compounds from the list above have been implicated in several types of cancers, psychological and behavioral disorders, birth defects, allergies and other chronic health issues. The long-term exposure to these chemicals puts everyone at risk of chronic disease and an early death.

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