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Product: : Izit

NHT Retail: $29.00

What "Izit"

It is a tool to help you make decisions on what is most advantageous to you. Ultimately how to get the most out of your life. We all know that some things are good for us - some are bad. But how do we know which is which? We all have cross roads in our lives. But which way to go? 

Few of us want to live our lives as renunciates rejecting all worldly things - in case they do us harm. Most of us enjoy an occasional chocolate or glass of wine but are those cheese and biscuits really doing us harm? Should I change my job now? Is this lump the big C? Will my team win the match and can i bet on it? 

There are literally hundreds of questions we have every single day Wouldn't it be wonderful to have the answers - at our own finger tips? 

No mean feat - but - it is possible! - With the "Izit" 

The "Izit" has simplified Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) so that there isn't any need for another person to be involved. And the answers can be double tested to be sure. It eliminates any doubts. It makes you independently in control of your own life - your own decisions - your own destiny. 

Origins and facts about Applied kinesiology

Applied kinesiology was the name that Dr. George Goodhart gave to his discovery, in 1964, that the body always tells the truth. It can not lie. 

The truth makes us strong. Lies make us weak. In the same way if we touch/think some thing good we are strong. If it is bad we are weak. By testing the body's strength (muscle testing) we can prove this. 

His discovery of Applied kinesiology was credited in 2001 in Time magazine as on of the top 100 innovators of medicine. 

Applied Kinesiology is used by practitioners word-wide to help people especially with health problems. 

So Applied kinesiology means testing a persons response to questions (often by seeing the strength of of an out stretched arm when pushed down). Within us our higher self or subconscious mind has the answer to all questions. we need to tap into that to get the true answers. 

The "Izit" makes it real easy. 

Ask a question. Press the "Izit" between your thumb and forefinger. If your response is weak (there is a guage on the side of the "Izit") that means a "no". If you are strong and the reading is high it means a "yes". Simple. And accurate. 

Buy the IZIT online in the United States at Natural Healing Tools. Since the IZIT is imported, there may be additional lead times. Please contact NHT for stock avialabiltiy! 

It couldn't be easier even a child can use them. And you can use it unobtrusively any where. What an advantage when you are checking ingredients in the supermarket - no attention getting swinging of a pendulum or pulling fingers apart!! 

The "Izit" allows you take back the control of your own life in the most affordable way. So why would you want to live without it ? 

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