What are Liver Diseases?

The liver is the second largest organ in the body, and is often seen as the most important one. In traditional Chinese medicine, for example, a healthy liver is seen as the most critical element in the body's ability to fight disease and function optimally.

Amongst other important functions, the liver is responsible for eliminating and detoxifying the poisons that enter our blood stream. It also produces bile, which is essential in the breakdown of fats, and is the organ which stores Vitamin A, D, E, and K.

Environmental pollution, fast foods, drugs, alcohol and sedentary lifestyles all contribute to sluggish and diseased livers. The result of a diseased liver are depressed immune systems, constant fatigue, obesity, sluggish digestive systems, allergies, respiratory ailments, and unhealthy skin-- among many other health problems.

Diagnosing Liver Disease

There are many diseases that may affect the liver and they include:

Liver cancer
Fatty liver
Wilson’s disease

The liver is responsible for so many of life’s vital functions, and we cannot live without our liver functioning at sufficient capacity. Alcohol and many pharmaceutical drugs can affect the metabolism of the liver, and if this continues for long periods of time, your health will be endangered. A common sign of a damaged liver is jaundice, a yellowness of the eyes and skin. Jaundice occurs when bilirubin, a yellow breakdown product of your red blood cells, builds up in the blood

Help for Liver Diseases

Prevention is the best and most important treatment for liver disease. Treatment involves addressing the underlying causes and minimizing further damage. There are vaccines available for hepatitis A and B, but these episodes can be prevented by avoiding the risk factors that lead to them spreading. Many specific medications may be prescribed, and in severe cases, surgery such as a liver transplant may be required.

Use Silybum marianus (Milk Thistle) to protect the liver from damage by viruses and toxins, including alcohol and drugs. It is also a potent antioxidant, and laboratory studies indicate it may have useful anti-cancer properties. Taraxacum officinale, more commonly known as Dandelion, has a beneficial effect on the liver and digestive system. 

It is considered a very effective general tonic and is known to improve bile flow and reduce inflammation associated with hepatitis and cirrhosis. In addition, Verbena officinalis treats inflammation of the gallbladder and is also used for jaundice. It is also well-known for its ability to relieve tension, stress and mild depression.
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