Magic Clean Bidet, includes Dryer

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NHT Retail: $399.00

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Sunpentown Magic Clean® bidet is a necessity to everyday personal hygiene, utilizes a stream of water to gently cleanse the bottom after going to the toilet. Offers immediate relief of hemorrhoid pain and helps prevent future hemorrhoids; relieves constipation and straining at stool; maintains optimum feminine hygiene (ideal for expecting mothers); and offers unrivaled cleanliness and comfort. Suggested tool for detox and fasting.

Adjustable water temperature and water pressure with soft start. Also features heated seat, warm air drying, deodorizer, anti-slam lid and seat and night illumination. Magic Clean® bidet replaces existing toilet seat, installation required.

SB-2036S (round)
SB-2036L (elongated)

Features and Functions

· 4 water temperature levels, up to 104°F
· 8 Water Pressure levels: 0.5 to 7.5kg/cm2
· Heated Seat: 4 temperature levels, up to 107°F 
· Warm air drying: 8 levels, up to 140°F 
· Auto mode: auto function of Clean - Dry - Deodorize
· Turbo mode: maximum water pressure for Wash or Bidet functions 
· Bubble cleansing: enjoy smooth and refreshing cleansing of air mixed in water 
· Water purifying filter
· Adjustable nozzle position 
· Night illumination: LED light turns on & off automatically according to illuminance
· Occupied seat sensor
· Energy saving: water and seat temp automatically lowers to pre-heating level when not in use
· Deodorizer with carbon filter 
· Air freshener compartment: to add your favorite aroma sachet 
· Anti-Slam (soft-close) lid and seat 

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