Mono Earbud ENVi 125

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A single natural wood earbud with Aircom technology that delivers crystal clear sound through an airtube and reduces contact with interferences like RF Energy and EMF’s. 

  • In-line mic with on/off switch
  • S, M, L size eartips for a custom fit
  • 2.5mm/3P plug plus a 3.5mm/4P adapter

Sustainability: ENVi products are made with natural/biodegradable and recycled materials to help reduce the ecological footprint from E-waste.

Delivers sound through an airtube, so you hear every word as if the person is sitting right next to you. Aircom technology not only sounds great but it also eliminates interferences such as RF Energy and EMF's. Lab tests show SAR levels to be 0, so you can talk on your cell phone as long as you want, without any RF Energy or EMF’s*.

*Based on lowest SAR level tested and a measurement value of 1/100th or 0.01 w/kg.

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