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Finally, an all natural, non greasy menthol gel!

Muscle Ice is an effective natural alternative to many popular, but potentially harmful, anti-inflammatory sports creams. Our powerful formula contains 5% natural menthol for immediate relief, and is enhanced with herbal hydrosols for additional relief. This water-based topical gel absorbs quickly into the skin, is non-greasy, natural, and paraben-free. Now you can get the strong, fast relief you need — without the risk.

Herbal formula:

menthol 5% and hydrosols of comfrey*, arnica, white willow*, witch hazel**, aloe (*certified organic, **certified wild-crafted)

Preservatives and antioxidants:

potassium sorbate, origanox, vitamin C, vitamin E

Gelling ingredients:

water, carbomer (less than 1%)

What is muscle strain?

Muscles are bunches of fibers that contract and release. Muscle strain occurs during periods when the muscles contract forcefully. The muscle becomes strained because it is not stretched properly before the activity; the muscle has already been injured; or because it is too weak. Because of this, many muscle sprains happen during physical exercise, sports activities or while lifting heavy objects.

A muscle sprain usually results in pain and difficulty moving. A burning sensation may also be experience as well as some bruising or swelling. A strained muscle might spasm as well, contracting suddenly, causing a great deal of discomfort.

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