Nu-Me Pet

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NHT Retail: $79.00
Our pets are part of valuable members of our family. We take care of them and our reward is the love we receive back. Research has proved that people with pets live longer more fulfilled lives.

Because our customers care as much for the animal members of their family as the human members they have wanted them to enjoy the same benefits from our balancing/protection devices that they have.

Pets always benefit when there is a space protection / balancing device in the house such as the p.e.bal Pyramid or the Negator Shell. You will often find them being drawn to settle nearby. When it comes to individual protection, however, the Nu-Me pendant range was designed for people. Some pet owners have been creative and used people type pendants for their pets. But they can be too strong. Try the Nu-Me Pet instead.

Available only in black. 

What does the Nu-Me Pet do? How will my pet benefit?

  • It is calming.
  • Helps manage pain
  • Provides essential balanced energy for bounce and playfulness.
  • Supports the immune system - meaning better health and less vets bills!
  • Promotes a longer more active life.
  • Protects from EMF (electromagnetic fields).

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