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Product: : EC Omega

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Are you concerned about wireless health risks? Looking for WiFi EMF radiation protection? If you have been feeling fatigued, irritable or ill since you installed WiFi in your home or develop headaches whenever you’re at your laptop for any length of time, you can be sure you are exposing yourself to many WiFi health risks.

Transform your laptop or router into an emf protection device! Eliminate WiFi health risks with electromagnetic radiation protection.

State-of-the-art technologies make the Omega WiFi the first wireless protector to go beyond mere blocking. Transmute hazardous wireless radiation into a protective field for you and your family.

What People Report with the Omega WiFi:

  • Increased Energy
  • Fewer Headaches
  • Less Fatigue
  • Reduced Brain-Fog
  • Feeling Relaxed and Alert
  • More Restful Sleep
  • A Sense of Well-Being

Wireless Health Risks

Most people are unaware that their wireless routers and laptops are built with transmitters that constantly generate a cloud of microwave radiation when they are on, even when they are not actively in use–a field highly hazardous to their health.

Wi-Fi Health Hazards
Wireless routers emit a constant cloud of microwave radiation that extends throughout an entire house and beyond. If you have Wi-Fi, your family is constantly living in a sea of dangerous radiation. Wireless Routers may have an ethernet or a USB plug depending on the model. Please check for your available port or call Natural Healing Tools for assistance.

Laptop Health Hazards
In addition to the microwave radiation coming from the transmitter in a laptop, a laptop also generates an extremely high miligauss field from the AC electricity when it is on, putting out as much as a 100-miligauss field at the keyboard. Laptop EMF Protection is crucial. Our Omega WiFi can be taped to a laptop or use Earth Calm The Torus

Create a Grounding Field of Protection

The Omega WiFi gives you full WiFi radiation protection by incorporating EarthCalm’s proprietary technologies to transform the hazardous fields created by routers and laptops into a beneficial field of protection. It does this by modulating EarthCalm grounding patterns into the EMF microwave field generated by the router or laptop, which

• allows your body to dissipate the effects of the hazardous radiation, and
• amplifies your ground in the earth’s electromagnetic field, which creates a sense of well-being.

Everyone’s Wi-Fi Health is Protected

Once the OMEGA WiFi is tapped onto your (wireless or wired) router, everyone using a laptop, desktop computer, or game console (such as Wii or Nintendo) that is programmed or connected to your network will be protected. In addition, if your router is wireless, the field of beneficial protection will extend throughout your home, and everyone there will be given additional protection, whether they are using a wireless device or not.

What Technology is used in the Omega WiFi?

You receive full WiFi radiation protection through our proprietary Living Earth Technology™  that amplifies your ground in the earth with all the consequent health benefits that come from the restoration of your biocircuits to their original timing and healing functions.


The OMEGA WiFi gives you full WiFi radiation protection. It contains our proprietary Scalar Resonance Technology that mirrors the structure of the earth’s electro-magnetic field. These circuits amplify your ground in the earth with all the consequent health benefits that come from the restoration of your biocircuits to their original timing and healing functions.

The OMEGA WiFi also contains the Diamond Element, which is based on the double pyramid or diamond. This circuit incorporates some of the most important healing ratios that are embedded in the construction of physical reality.

Read more about the Scalar Technology developed by Jean Gallick. 

NOTE: If you are electro-sensitive or have a chronic illness–and you tend to spend long hours in front of your laptop–it is suggested that you begin with the 3-step Scalar Home Protection System to allow yourself to acclimate gradually to the full strength of that level of protection first. This way, the OMEGA WiFi would be used as your “fourth step of protection” in creating Wi-Fi radiation protection. 


The Omega measures approximately 2-1/4″ x 3/4″ (the size and shape of a flash drive). It sticks to your router with tape that will allow you to peel the Omega off, should you wish to eventually move it to another router.

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