Q. How is Pascalite different from other clays?

A. Pascalite is unique.  Pascalite apparently has natural antibiotic as well as natural analgesic qualities; germicidal tests show raw Pascalite to be almost sterile. 

Pascalite is a 'live' clay which is solar-dried (never heat-processed), thus retaining the enzymes in it.  

Pascalite is a rare, calcium-based non-swelling clay. Most of the bentonite clays are sodium-based and swell.  

Pascalite clay is multi-purpose, extremely versatile, and Pascalite clay is used both internally and externally - which many clays are not.    

Pascalite is located in the high Wyoming mountains in an isolated location away from pollutants.  Many users tell us they feel Pascalite is more powerful (yet gentler) and superior to all the other clays they've used.  Additionally, the particular combination of minerals in Pascalite contributes to its mystery.  Despite years and years of use we still don't understand many of the qualities Pascalite possesses.

Q. So what is this stuff?

A. Pascalite clay has been found to consist of: silicon, aluminum, magnesium, iron, calcium, copper, sodium, titanium and trace amounts of potassium, phosphorus, manganese, barium, chromium, cobalt, vanadium, boron, nickel, gallium, zirconium, strontium, and cadmium. Most of these minerals are in oxide form, easily assimilated by the body. 

Pascalite is also made up of proteins and enzymes.

Q. Which Pascalite products do I need?

A. Personal preference and experimenting will give you the answer that's right for your own body.    All Pascalite products have a number of uses so you can combine and interchange them for a variety of help.  The powder is the most versatile, as well as the most popular of our products; the finer Pasca-Dent is the choice of some.  The capsules are convenient, and for those who may not care for the taste of clay.  Pasca-Pak and Pasca-Balm are mixed and ready to use and Pasca-Glow soap is very popular and ordered again and again.

Q. How much Pascalite should I use?

A. You have to experiment as Pascalite is a natural product and each of us is an individual.  Different mediums, amounts and applications are called for depending on your needs and wishes.  Excellent results have been obtained with the use of smaller than expected amounts of Pascalite.

Q. How soon will I see or feel results?

A. It depends and varies from person to person. Skin afflictions like sunburn or insect bites should feel immediate relief, and many have reported the same after drinking Pascalite water for acid reflux or stomach upset.  Infections may need several applications to heal completely.

Q. How long will the Pascalite last?

A. If kept in a sealed container the shelf-life of the powder is indefinite.  

Q. What else is Pascalite good for?

A. Animals and plants benefit immensely from Pascalite.
We believe there are as many uses for Pascalite as there are people and that the uses are unlimited. 

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