Phytoncide Air System Replacement Cartridge

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The Phytoncide Air System is an all-natural, safe and economical air system. No perfumes or deodorants are used. The replacement cartridge is available at Natural Healing Tools. While a single cartridge was developed to last a month, customer use pattern and time left on will control how long a cartridge lasts. 


1. Shake Cartridge well.
2. Remove both blue plugs before inserting into the Phytoncide Air Unit.
3. Periodically rotate the Phytoncide Air Unit within your home or business for maximum efficiency.
4. To prolong Phytoncide essential gel, use the sleep mode while away from home or business.
5. Due to no chemicals used with the Phytoncide essential gel, the gel may occasionally settle, periodically remove the cartridge, gently shake and replace.
6. To extend Phytoncide essential gel life, the first time the exchange light is illuminated, remove cartridge and gently shake and replace, Phytoncide gel will last a few more days.
7. If transporting the Phytoncide Air Unit, please remove the cartridge and replace blue plugs to prevent leakage.

What is Phytoncide?

“Phyton” means “plant” in Latin, and “cide” is the natural compound that a plant emits to kill microorganisms. Phytoncide is a biologically active substance that destroys and inhibits growth and development of bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. This defense system of the plant world was discovered in 1928 by B.P. Tokin. The antimicrobial characteristics and range of Phytoncides varies among different species. Particular forests can emit large amounts of very potent Phytoncides that have been researched throughout Asia. These substances have been found to have strong deodorization properties along with many health advantages. The clean fresh air of the forest is a result of the Phytoncide released by these trees. The forest containing Hinoki cypress trees release some of the highest quality of Phytoncide in the world.

Phytoncide’s effect on the immune system

Several research studies have shown great promise in improving the human immune system. Phytoncide functions by improving the body’s ability to increase natural killer cell production and activity. NK cells have been found to be a critical factor in human immunology and the body’s ability to destroy unwanted viruses and cells.

Phytoncide – Forest Air

The fresh, relaxing, air of the forest has largely been found to be a direct result of the release of Phytoncide from the forest trees. Forest “bathing” (walks) have been a tradition in Asia for many years and have been proven to bring relaxation and a sense of well-being. Japanese and Korean scientists have found that certain types of trees (Hinoki Cypress) release large amounts of Phytoncide.

Phytoncide deodorization

Phytoncide destroys malodors at the source by killing bacteria causing odors. It also has the ability to inhibit future bacteria growth, thus keeping future odors from arising. Phytoncide also has the ability to neutralize man-made chemical odors.

More Information: Instruction Manual, Disclaimer and Test Results

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