Portable FAR Infrared Heater

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NHT Retail: $75.00

Therasage™ featuring TheraFusion™ Infrared Technology has completely revolutionized personal health products with its space saving designed Mini Infrared Space Heater. Most conventional heating systems diminish air quality in the winter by drying out the air and producing an irritating dry, static atmosphere. Since conventional heating systems also have to run at combustible temperatures in order to provide adequate heat, they deplete oxygen making you feel tired and drowsy.

Add poor indoor air quality to the increased susceptibility of colds and flu in the winter and it’s no wonder that many people are plagued with coughs and sniffles during the cold winter months. Our unique portable Infrared Space Heater has unique therapeutic benefits, and penetrates 200-300 times deeper into your body targeting sore muscles and decreases recovery time. Therasage™ Far Infrared Heaters featuring TheraFusion™ Technology does not destroy oxygen or humidity. Instead, it provides you with clean, moist heat, making Therasage™ Mini Infrared Space Heater the healthiest choice for you and your family’s heating and healing needs.

Features and Benefits for the FIR Heater include:

  • Genuine TheraFusion™ Infrared Heat Technology
  • Safe, deep penetrating therapeutic heat allows natural pain relief
  • Extra long 12 foot power cord
  • Timed Temperature Controller with Auto Shut Off
  • Small, convenient size
  • Long range heat emanation
  • Excellent for use with Therasage™ Portable Infrared Sauna
  • Anti-tilt shut off switch

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