Radiant Room, Small Area EMF Protection

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NHT Retail: $144.95

Radiant Room EMF Protection Product radiates a powerful field into a single room protecting an area up to 400 square feet from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF's). Transform chaotic fields of energy into a tangible feeling of peace. 

Single room clearing for travel, home and office

Ideal travel companion! Clears a standard hotel room for EMF corrected peaceful sleep.

Carry to school to clear the space around the student or teacher desk. Carry in your backpack, purse or briefcase to clear EMF on the go!

It’s perfect for small bedrooms, hotel rooms, school classrooms, hospital rooms, lecture halls, conference rooms, any smaller space!

Clears toxic fields from exterior sources

Even if an interior room doesn’t have electric appliances generating EMF's, the space requires protection from external EMF sources such as:

  • Smart meters
  • Cell towers
  • High tension power lines
  • Neighbor’s wireless network (Wi-Fi)
  • Geopathic stress (toxic earth energy fields radiating into buildings)

Creates an overlay of benign energy

  • Neutralize harmful EMF’s immediately
  • Clears energetic stress in environments
  • Experience an increased sense of well-being
  • Enhance mental and emotional clarity
  • Restore balance and tranquility to your environment
  • Support for a more restful sleep

A Versatile Solution for Clearing EMFs from Small Areas
Radiant Room EMF Protection


The device will begin to work as soon as it is placed in position and will clear the space immediately. To hold the clearing effect the Radiant Room must be kept in the area that it is protecting. If it is removed from the area it is influencing, the electromagnetic field of that area can return to its original incoherent state.

The Radiant Room is designed to be easily moved to new locations. A velour pouch for transporting or storing the device when not in use is included. It must be removed from the pouch while using.

The Radiant Room can be set on any flat surface. The label is on the bottom of the device. For a more permanent installation the Radiant Room can be attached to a flat nonporous surface or a wall with the removable and reusable adhesive patch. The patch will leave no residue when removed. It can be rinsed in water if it needs cleaning.

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