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NHT Retail: $110.00

Far Infrared Heated Sauna Belt
Therasage, as the leader in Far Infrared heat technology, has harnessed its applied science, in its latest application the Sauna Belt. Traditional pads use an electric heating coil and emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation. Such products only heat your skin, while our unique belt has enhanced therapeutic benefits, penetrates 200--300 times deeper into your body with no exposure to electromagnetic radiation. It has been proven that Far Infrared frequency resonates at the same level as water. When the all natural Far Infrared frequency is applied to our bodies, the water molecules become energized and this signals the cells to purge the stored toxins. At the same time it breaks up fat clusters called cellulite.

Far infrared heat improves blood flow, increases the body’s metabolic rate and burns calories at the very same time. Safety features include an on/off LCD timer with auto shut off which makes this very unique weight reduction and pain relief product, a must have for everyone.

Features and Benefits

  • Emulsifies cellulite
  • Natural pain relief
  • Detoxify
  • Enhances your metabolism
  • Burns calories
  • Even distribution and delivery system of beneficial Far Infrared heat and Negative Ions
  • Insignificant electromagnetic radiation (EMF)
  • Safe, long---lasting, deep penetrating therapeutic heat
  • Additional accessory for use in cars and boats is available
  • Soft and flexible format
  • LCD multi---function time and temperature controller
  • Extra long 12 foot power cord
  • All natural deep penetrating heat
  • Antibacterial materials
  • Affordable price
  • One size fits all
  • One year factory warranty

The Therasage™ Heating Belt™ and The Therasage™ Sauna Belt™ contain our latest advancement in Therafusion™ Infrared Technology. These therapeutic belts penetrate 200-300 times deeper than conventional heating belts for fast-acting pain relief and detoxification. Simply wrap around your waist and fasten.

Two great options:On-the-go with the Portable Heating Belt™ and rechargeable lithium ion battery pack, or The Therasage™ Sauna Belt™ with time/temperature controller and extra long cord.

When Therasage™ Far Infrared Heat is applied to your body the result is a natural detox.Therafusion™ technology will cause your cells to become energized pushing out harmful toxins stored in fat cells. At the same time, these fat clusters are broken up and emulsified. The results make this one of the most effective weight reduction and pain relief products available today!

The Heating Belt has the following benefits:

    • Pain Relief: Deep penetrating heat is absorbed by the body, gently warming muscles and tissues. This process provides a temporary increase to local blood circulation, thus offering temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain.
    • Reduces Stress and Fatigue: Deep penetrating heat may be used for the temporary relaxation of muscles and temporary relief of muscle spasms, minor strains and sprains, and minor muscular back pain.
    • Improves Blood Circulation: Deep penetrating heat is absorbed by cells, causing a physical phenomenon called "resonance" in which the cells are instantly invigorated, resulting in better local blood circulation.

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