Scalar Resonance Comet Ankle Bracelet

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NHT Retail: $269.00
Provides primary and wireless EMF protection 24/7. Tube and chain are sterling silver.

Ankle Bracelet: 1-3/8" long, weighs 3 oz. Chain is adjustable.

Responses to the Scalar Resonator

Many people initially report a type of "rush"--a feeling of warmth, relaxation, or tingling, coupled with an intensified sense of well-being and alertness. Some describe a feeling that different parts of their bodies are suddenly "waking up." This intensified sense of being grounded can occur immediately or within an hour or two of putting on the Resonator. 

As time goes on, people report that chronic headaches disappear, joint and muscle pain evaporate, and sleep comes more easily. Most people note that their "mind fog" disappears. Others feel healing taking place in the area of old injuries. In essence, the Scalar Resonator releases the immune system from the job of fighting off EMF and allows it to do its true job: healing the body.


The circuits in the Scalar Resonator work as antennas that are based on the electrical law of resonance. Each EarthCalm circuit mirrors an aspect of the structure of the earth's electromagnetic field. The circuits/antennas in your Resonator vibrate in resonance to the earth, thus enhancing your resonance to the earth. Your Biofield, in effect, has an earth antenna. Read more for further details.

Electrosensitive? Begin with the EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System, which provides a graduated series of steps to this powerful level of protection.

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