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NHT Retail: $29.95

Clear Cell phones, Wireless devices, & Electronics

Our laboratory-tested SafeSpace Smart Patch has been proven to transform and neutralize the harmful effects of EMFs. When placed directly on devices it radiates a powerful protective field to counter the toxic effects of EMF radiation generated by all cell phones and wireless technologies as well as electronics and appliances. 2 per pack.

Size: 5/8 inch

Range: Radiates a 6 ft protective field

Converts harmful radiation to biologically safe EMFs

The dangerous radiation from many of our technologies is a subject of concern for researchers and health professionals worldwide. Our laboratory-tested Smart Patch has been proven to transform and neutralize radiation from wireless technologies, electronics, and appliances The SafeSpace Smart Patch will convert the interfering radiation immediately sending a coherent life enhancing field through the device. It can be used on all styles of cellular and smart phones, all mobile wireless devices, electronics and appliances.

Protection from the toxic effects of EMFs generated by:

Wireless Technologies
All cellular & smart phones
Tablets, laptops & notebooks
Bluetooth technologies
Cordless landline phones

Electronics & Appliances
all devices with an electric cord or battery

Household devices and appliances
Electronic office equipment
Communications and Entertainment
Shop tools

How it works

The patch's non-electric metal substrate hologram has been permanently encoded with frequency information that interacts with—and neutralizes the damaging effect of the incoherent energy from EMF radiation. When affixed to the device, it begins to work immediately and does not need to be replaced. Will work on devices stored inside cases. The patch radiates a six foot protective field around the device to keep you crystal clear.

Proven Protection

Testing the SafeSpace™ Smart Patch on human DNA at Quantum Biology Labs proved that the patch not only neutralized the detrimental effect of the electro¬magnetic radiation on human DNA, it improved the DNA recovery process beyond the control.


What Smart Patch Users Say:

"I use my cell phone an average of 600 to 900 minutes per month. Before using the SafeSpace Smart Patch™. I'd feel ache

s and pains in my neck and shoulder. My pain totally disappeared after using this product for less than a week!"W.S., Sales Representative

"I use my I-phone on a regular basis and I'd often feel so lousy when I did - I was reluctant to use it. Now that I have been using the Smart patch I feel much better and have noticed a great improvement in my energy."

A.E., Computer Programmer, Sales Director

"... with this Smart Patch I noticed an immediate calming effect. It really cleared all those negative energies and the stress I was experiencing when using the cell phone. I highly recommend it."MT Health Spa Manager

"When I used the Smart Patch on my I-phone I noticed an immediate difference. No headaches or irritability!"JC, Singer, Performer

"I've been looking for something like this, and it makes me feel good that you have actual research. I’m a real estate agent with two teenagers that are on their tablets and smart phones all the time!—. I’m so glad I can easily protect them with the Smart Patch."

Jeannie Drayton, real estate agent, parent, Granville, CA

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