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NHT Retail: $5,995.00

Only Sonic Life offers the optional frequency software which allows you to activate 8 independant frequencies each ranging from 1 - 19,999Hz, not just 3-50 Hz. This opens the door for the widest range of sound frequencies of any vibraiton system in the world. Ask any other manufacturer if their machine can receive sound frequencies via a sound input jack on their machine.

Features of Sonic Vibration Trainer:

  • Pure vertical movement
  • Optional mini-PC pre-loaded with Rife software providing 0-19,999 Hz frequency range 
  • Slim, light, and beautiful design
  • Easier to move and install than other units
  • Convenient LED display panel with touch sensors
  • Reliable sinusoidal sonic waves from digital amplifier
  • Soft and smooth delivery of sonic wave vibration
  • Independent control of frequency and intensity
  • Safe with acceleration control sensor
  • Unique patented technology

Model: Sonic Life SL100H
Size: 700 x 820 x 1450 (MM) 27.5" x 32.3" x 57"
Weight: 60Kg/132lbs
Weight Limit: 120Kg/264lbs.
Frequency Range: 3-50 Hz and 0-19,999 Hz
Power Source:110-120v 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 500W
Operating Temperature: 40 C/ 104 F
Programs: 12 preprogramed modes 1 manual mode
Color:Silver or White (silver shown at top of page and white shown above)
Warranty: 2 Years

Whole Body Vibration

The First Piece of the Puzzle

There are golden threads of truth that run through the multi-pieced tapestry that makes up the healing arts. Each of the various healing disciplines has merit and appropriate applications. The trick is to isolate the key pieces that work together to amplify each other and enhance the function of the bodyʼs energy system. Letʼs focus our attention on two of of the most profound pieces of the energetic healing puzzle - Sonic Whole Body Vibration plus Sonic Live Millennium (expanded sound frequency generator) - Sonic Life. They fit powerfully together, amplifying each other exponentially creating the music every cell in your body may be waiting to hear.

The Science of Sound Vibration

We know that either health or dis-ease is both created and healed at the cellular level. In addition, the body is ultimately designed to self-heal, if the immune system is strong and the body is detoxified, and if we provide all the nutrients, sleep, and exercise that it needs. Sonic Vibrational Exercise is a very useful tool that positively influences all of your cells and effectively moves lymphatic fluids. This is literally because everything comes down to “harmonic resonance and energy flow”- from the building blocks of atoms and electrons, to the cells, organs, and the whole being.

When the correct vibrational frequencies are restored, energy and bodily fluids are flowing properly, and the cells are functioning correctly, the body can and will spontaneously heal itself. A philosophy endorsed by Eastern Medicine is that dis-ease is ultimately blocked energy in the body.

The theory is proposed that when cells are subjected to the harmonic/sonic vibrational frequencies, cellular excitation causes entry pathways called calcium channels to open, allowing the cells to bring in more oxygen and nutrients and excrete toxins. Insufficient cellular stimulation and cellular degradation is directly related to accelerated aging and all degenerative disease conditions. Sonic whole body vibration may assist in correcting this problem by transferring sound waves though pure vertical motion using a vibrational sonic plate to excite the ~100 trillion cells throughout the body at various frequencies and amplitudes with systemic effects. Think of this as passive exercise that effects the entire cellular and energetic body, and may help return each of us to better health.

Voice coil activated vibrational training provides a truly effective, 10 minute, full body workout! As the Sonic vibrational device cycles through the various frequencyʼs and amplitudes, the cells in each muscle group and each organ are sequentially stimulated and returned to their optimal vibration state, energy flow is effectively liberated and chronic conditions due to energy blockages seem to miraculously dissipate.

Sound Frequency vs. Mechanical Vibration

With more than 70 companies jumping on the vibrational bandwagon, only two companies implement sound technology — Sonic Life and TurboSonic, because of a global patent on this technology. The bodyʼs physiological reaction to sound frequencies as opposed to mechanical vibration at the extreme end of the spectrum can be likened to your physical and energetic response to either great seats at the symphony, or holding onto a jackhammer.

The sonic frequencies of the symphony heighten your senses and relax your body, filling you with positive energy. Holding onto the jackhammer causes resistance, physiological stress and the corresponding release of negative stress hormones. From a scientific standpoint, each Sine Wave frequency creating Sound has a curve at the end of the frequency tone creating transitions that are smooth. This creates soothing, healing movement of energy throughout the body. In contrast, mechanical frequencies are very abrupt, jarring and stressful to the body and may even cause increasing negative hormonal stress responses, potentially causing harm.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. FDA required statement.

What Can Sonic Life Do For You? 

There are so many chronic disorders that are currently only managed with a life-time of discomfort, or prescriptions that rob us of our quality of life and subject us to surviving numerous negative side effects. Why not explore another direction of preventative health and wellness? Our aim is at correcting the imbalance at it's source by helping to create a strong healthy body and immune system, so that the body can heal itself. This is accomplished by moving lymphatic fluids and increasing the energy in the cells so that they can function more effectively. Sonic Vibrational Exercise is a natural healing tool to assist with this process.

According to martial arts masters, this same 10 minutes induces the equivalent energy flow throughout the body as performing an hour of gong. The effectiveness of this sound/sonic technology lies in the fact that we are addressing the body as an energy system - which is exactly what it is. In addition, stress and tension are released, stagnant fluids are circulated and detoxification enhanced. Think about the difference something like this could make in your own health, and your quality of life. The Sonic Whole body vibrational device has been called space-age exercise and is truly the wave of the future in both exercise technology and wellness.

If you can see a glimpse of the vision of where this is headed, you won't be able to wait to get on the Sonic Life system!

Sonic Life Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. FDA required statement.

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