Nova Resonator S Series Pendant

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NHT Retail: $239.00

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Black/Stainless Steel Band ($239.00)
Stainless Steel/Black Band ($239.00)
Bronze/Black Band ($239.00)

Nova Resonator S Series is made of a Stainless Steel cylinder in three different versions: silver-black band, bronze-black band, and black-silver band with rhinestones, all on silver-fill chain.

Why you need a Nova Resonator

EMF's are everywhere today—coming at you from all your favorite devices—your cell phone…your computer…your router…your TV—even your car. They’re coming out of your walls at home and from every appliance.

And they’re invading your body, sapping your energy, giving you headaches, and wearing down your immune system.

The Nova Resonator is designed to help protect you from all this.

The Nova Resonator has technology that grounds you into the earth’s electromagnetic field, which is the natural home for your body. It’s the field that’s designed to nurture and heal you. Man-made EMFs pull you out of this field. What’s more, they disrupt the functioning of your cells and DNA, setting you up for all sorts of health problems.

The Nova Resonator gently pulls you back into the earth’s field so that EMFs are no longer harmful to you.

What people report initially with the Nova Resonator...

  • Relaxation
  • A “rush” of energy
  • Sense of well-being
  • Alertness
  • Warmth
  • Clarity of Mind
  • Greater calm in the field of WiFi

And then, as time goes on some people report…

  • Chronic headaches from WiFi disappear
  • Joint and muscle pain evaporate
  • Sleep comes more easily
  • Mental performance improves
  • Resilience to effects of stress increase
  • Healing takes place in the area of old injuries

The Nova Resonator can help you stay healthy, grounded, alert, and filled with energy.

And—very importantly—if you have health challenges, the Nova Resonator can help you find your way back to good health. By taking the stress of EMF off of your immune system, your body can begin to heal itself. The gentle, soothing energy of the Nova Resonator will calm your nervous system and help you to sleep more deeply.

Treat yourself to better health—naturally—today!

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